Ford Mustang Hybrid: Industry Insiders Link Recent Patent to Ford’s Pony


The Patent Number is 20190023115 A1 and it was filed on July 21, 2017. The applicant? Ford Global Technologies LLC. Interestingly, the publish date is listed as January 24, 2019. What it describes is a hybrid engine that could easily be dropped into the Mustang. Ford has indicated a Hybrid Mustang will be a part of their 2020 line-up.

While no official word from Dearborn, speculation is rampant that this design could make its way into production.

Ford Mustang Electric Hybrid
Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Clues From the Patent Filing

The Abstract description describes a “rear-wheel drive system” with “an internal combustion engine.” “The front-wheel drive system” is powered by “a first”.. “and a second electric motor mounted directly to opposing sides of the engine.”

Ford Mustang Electric Hybrid
Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

The image shows four exhaust ports on the side of the engines left cylinder head indicating the powerplant is based on a V-8 design. The electric motors are designated as numbers 306 and 308 in the illustration.

United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent 20190023115 Image

To view the full set of images and the complete description click on the link below.

United States Patent and Trademark Office Images / Patent #: US20190023115

We will keep watch for any announcement from Ford Motor Company as to their plans for next years Hybrid Mustang. Taking Pony Power to the next level.

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