Ford Performance Releases Video Making of the Mustang


Ford Performance just released today a video focused on the 2019 NASCAR Mustang. Entitled “Making of Mustang-The Responsibility.”

The first in a two-part series that follows the process of bringing Ford’s iconic pony car, Mustang, to the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

This first video highlights the Ford designers and engineers behind the 2019 NASCAR Ford Mustang who developed the next high-performance race car worthy of the Mustang heritage.

One of the key parts of the development process for the new NASCAR Cup Mustang was pairing the Ford Design Center with Ford Performance motorsports aero specialists to create a look for the Mustang that was true to its heritage, but also competitive for race competition. Team members met on a daily basis for months to get the NASCAR Mustang’s design to where it is today, ready to debut at Daytona.

Ready for Daytona

The Lasco Press spoke to Mark Rushbrook, global director of Ford Performance Motorsports, at the North American International Auto Show. We asked him if the new Mustang would experience issues similar to what the Camaro encountered during their intro last season. Mark seemed very confident Ford engineers were able to put a product on that racetrack that would be competitive immediately.

That will be extremely good news to Ford fans who are anticipating the last restrictor plate race at Daytona and the first race under the new NASCAR performance package at Atlanta.

Engineers to Video Stars

The video features Solomon Song, Design Manager, Ford Performance. With Stavros Melabiotis, Senior Designer, Ford Performance. Also Tommy Joseph, Aerodynamics Supervisor, Ford Performance. Imagery of the design process from clay, to CAD, to aero work gives fans a peak at the process.

“Above all, it’s an icon of the Ford Motor Company. And to work on that kind of car is pretty humbling.” – Solomon Song

“This was an effort, from Design and from the aero team and the engineering team of Ford Performance, to get this, at the end, looking just right so we don’t disappoint anyone within the racing culture and also within the consumer side.” – Stavros Melabiotis