Camp Copneconic, Fenton’s Hidden Jewel


It’s not too early to be thinking about summer camp for the kids. We are fortunate to have one of the finest organized facilities in the State of Michigan here locally at Camp Copneconic.

History of Camp Copneconic

Located at 10407 N. Fenton Rd, between Thompson Road to the South and Baldwin Road to the North, Camp Copneconic is close by. Convenient to anywhere in Genesee County and in the heart of the Lansing, Flint, and Detroit Metro area. The Camp has a rich history.

“Since 1915, YMCA Camp Copneconic has provided outdoor programs for youth and families. Our heritage begins with a strong Christian foundation. Add 700 acres of beautiful, serene property, a medley of historical and modern facilities, and a long-standing reputation of a caring staff, Camp Copneconic is truly the Genuine Article in the camping industry.”

What About that Weird Name

The story of the Camp’s name as told by Chief Fisher of the Chippewa tribe… “Many years before the white man came to Michigan, there came a very cold, severe winter; hunters could not hunt, animals died of the cold, and the Chippewa tribe was in danger of starving to death. The corn was frozen before it was ripe and even nuts did not bear. The wise men had told them that the roots of the water lily, which grew and blossomed so beautifully all summer in the shallow water near the banks, were poisonous.”

“In their desperation, the Chippewa Indians dug a big hole and built a fire in it. When it got hot enough, they raked out the coals and piled in the water lily roots. The roots were sometimes as large as a man’s arm. When smoked in this way, they were found to be very palatable, and they were thereby kept from starvation. In gratitude, the Chippewa tribe named the lake “Opin,” which means bread and “Neconic,” which means lake. Together – “Opin-neconic” means Lake of Bread.” At some point, the “C” was added to the front of the name. The time and reasons for this addition are unknown to-date. In 1917, the camp was named after the lake – YMCA Camp Copneconic.”

Camp Copneconic Today

With activities for kids, teens and even family groups the camp offers a wide variety of options for area residents. Here are a few kid-friendly day camps on tap for this summer.

Day Camps

Pre-K and Kindergarten “Snoopers” It’s the perfect introduction to summer camp with activities such as canoeing, pony rides, frog hunting and so much more.

“Explorers” for grades 1-2 feed the inquisitive minds of these youngsters. Explorers love the age-progressive activities like archery, fishing and the Aqua Jump water trampoline!

Photo Courtesy of Camp Copneconic

“Fish, Frogs and Forts” give 1st through 3rd graders an opportunity to get hands-on with nature. Expect your kids to come home with a little dirt on their face.

Who doesn’t love a day on the water? “Aguamania” gives 1st through 4th graders a day of playing on an aquatic playground of water toys, tubing, and a pontoon swim.

Photo Courtesy of Camp Copneconic

“Nature Discovery” for grades 3-6 is another hands-on experience with reptiles, amphibians, bugs, birds, and plants. Adventurous hikes through forests, ponds, and streams will introduce campers to the Camp’s amazing animals and wild habitats.

Got a boy or girl who loves to fish? “Rods and Reels” provides young anglers in grades 4-7 the opportunity to learn fundamental fishing skills such as baiting, casting, habitat and setting the hook. Boats fully rigged with trolling motors and fish finders allow campers to learn advanced skills and try to catch the big one.

Photo Courtesy of Camp Copneconic

Pre-teens will get excited about the “Adventure Challenge” for grades 5-8. With a double-decker high ropes course, 55-foot climbing tower, Creek Freak zip line, mountain biking and giant swing. Campers also learn about teambuilding on the challenging low ropes course.

Photo Courtesy of Camp Copneconic
Overnight Camps

Week-long and two-week camps give teens an opportunity to immerse themselves into the complete camping experience. “Voyagers” for grads 9-11 can experience cabin activities, high adventure zip-lines, exploring and select 2 days of activities to suit their specific interests.

“Crazy About Copneconic” is the full 2-week camp life program that give 6-11th graders the ultimate fun adventure. Everything Camp Copneconic has to offer.

Group Retreats

Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church groups, even family get-togethers will find Camp Copneconic the ideal setting for group activities. The 750 wooded acres surrounding Lake Copneconic plays host to business retreats and conferences, providing a great opportunity to meet in a space outside of their normal routine. Conference groups and party planners will find the various facilities are ideal for many different types and sizes of group gatherings.

Photo Courtesy of Camp Copneconic

With a variety of facility options, campers can enjoy small group discussions in one of our many intimate breakout spaces, or host large group get-togethers in our Copneconic Lodge. The lodge can accommodate up to 450 people for meals, and it doubles as an assembly hall with a stage and audiovisual system available for use.

Photo Courtesy of Camp Copneconic

Visit and Find Out More

Plan a visit to Camp Copneconic to find out more. Easy to find at 10407 North Fenton Rd
and on the internet at, there is so much to see. Call them today at 810.629.9622 and find out how you can make this summer a truly memorable one.