CrossFit Open 2019: CrossFit Fenton Weeks 1-2


Last year The Lasco Press introduced you to the CrossFit Open at CrossFit Fenton. The annual competition to determine the planet’s most fit athlete is back. CrossFit Fenton, Michigan’s premier CrossFit training facility, has 65 athletes entered in this year’s Open.

The Open runs for five consecutive weeks. Workouts are kept secret until released online each Thursday during the competition. Scoring varies according to the workout. The number of reps completed in a specified time frame is a common scoring method.

The Open 19.1

Week 19.1 opened with a grueling series of medicine ball throws and reps on the rowing machine.

CrossFit Fenton athletes posted some impressive scores for week one.

Matthew Manley

This is Matthew’s first year in the Open, he just turned 14 the minimum age for entry into the competition. But Matthew is no CrossFit rookie, last year his scores were top caliber compared to 14-15 age bracket competitors. Matthew’s dad, Mike Manley, introduced him to the sport. Family participation is a big part of CrossFit Fenton and their approach to athlete support.

Matthew Manley / Lasco Press Photo


Matthew’s CrossFit profile lists him as 72 inches tall (6ft) and 195 pounds. There is not an ounce of fat on this young man. Matthew placed 17th in the world for week 19.1 in his age bracket. He completed 325 repetitions, just 34 behind the best of his class. Matthew ranked 6th in the United States and 1st in the State of Michigan.

Jamie Lasco

Crossfit Fenton owner Jamie Lasco ranked 61st in the United States after 19.1, good enough for a ranking of 109th in the world. Her 301 reps were only 44 behind the top American in the Women’s 35-39 age bracket. Check out those abs in the picture below.

Jamie Lasco / Lasco Press Photo

A remarkable fact about Jamie is that years before becoming involved with CrossFit she was in a serious motorcycle accident. At the time there was some question as to whether she would be able to walk again. Now she’s a world class athlete.

Mike Manley

Age is a state of mind. Mike Manley is Matthew’s father, he is 54 years old, but you would not know that by looking at him. Mike did 276 reps in 19.1, good for 203rd in the United States among Men 50-54. The only thing that makes Mike feel old is watching his son compete.

Mitch Babcock

Crossfit Fenton Coach, Dr. Mitch Babcock, led the men’s competition at the gym with 320 reps. Brandon Emeott gave the Doc quite a run, finishing 2nd with 319 repetitions. We featured Dr. Mitch in a Lasco Press article last year. He holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, conferred on him by the University of Michigan (Flint) in 2016. Dr. Mitch’s practice FitnessTX is located at CrossFit Fenton 14261 Torrey Rd. Suite B, Fenton, MI 48430.

Dr. Mitch Babcock / Lasco Press Photo

Meranda Wiggins

The second best performing woman at Crossfit Fenton completed 285 reps in 19.1. Meranda Wiggins is competing in her 3rd open. Crossfit is not just about competing to be the best athlete but competing against yourself to better your personal fitness.

Meranda Wiggins / Lasco Press Photo

Last year Meranda’s American ranking dropped 63 positions. Pretty good considering that 3,602 more athletes participated in 2018 over 2017. CrossFit Fenton will be cheering her on as she competes to improve herself in 2019.

The CrossFit Community

Attend an event at CrossFit Fenton and the first thing you notice is the physical tests these athletes put themselves through are intense. Sometimes brutally so. The most impressive thing you experience is the sense of community displayed by athletes and coaches. Everyone cheers regardless of the number of reps being accomplished. The group dynamic of members gathering round to urge an athlete to complete 1 more element of a workout is thrilling.

CrossFit Fenton / Lasco Press Photo

The Open 19.2

The physicality of the workout stepped up in the Open week 19.2. Athletes raced to see how many cycles of a series of requirements they could complete before time expired. Pass the basic level and you earn additional time. But, the difficulty of some tasks increase. The athletes must push themselves to the limit.

The Top Athletes

Matthew Manley struggled a little with workout 19.2. His 259 reps positioned him 120th in the world. Still, his combined 2 week total put Matthew 47th internationally. His United States ranking for 19.2 was 56th, placing him 21st nationally. A great position with 3 rounds to go.

Jamie Lasco’s 260 reps placed 598th worldwide. Her international 2 week total ranks her in 234th place. Putting that into perspective 25,721 athletes registered for the CrossFit Open in her age group. Jamies numbers translate to 147th in the country for her combined position after 19.2

Mike Manley’s 170 reps help him move up to 174th in the United States. A total of 5003 athletes registered nationally in Mike’s Men 50-54 age group.

More To Come

In two weeks we will report on the athletes competing at CrossFit Fenton. In addition, we will bring you some personal stories of people like Calli McCaig. A 15-year-old multi-sport athlete competing in her first Open competition.

Calli McCaig / Lasco Press Photo

And Alan Fredendall, Crossfit made a major impact on Alan’s life, he will tell you about it.

Alan Fredendall / Lasco Press Photo

If you would like to observe an Open workout, stop by CrossFit Fenton at 14261 Torrey Rd. Suite B for the next 3 Fridays at 5:30 pm. Cheer on the athletes as they compete. Admission is free, the event is exciting, and you can get a sense of the comradery that exists at the gym. Everyone is welcome.