Fenton Township Coordinator Retires After 25 Years of Service

Fenton Township, MI March 7, 2019

March 7th is a big day for Valerie McDonald. On that date in 1994, she started work at Fenton Township in the building department. Having been recruited by her good friend Marge Bissonette to apply at the Township.

Valerie McDonald / Lasco Press Photo

This year on March 7th, Valerie is retiring. Exactly 25 years to the day she starting working for Fenton Township. Valerie is the Planning & Zoning Coordinator. Her co-workers call her the encyclopedia of the Township. If you want to know something about Fenton, ask Valerie. Damp eyes around the Township office today attest to how much she will be missed.

Fenton Township Office / Lasco Press Photo

Committed to the Fenton Community

Valerie is a life long resident of Fenton, having grown up not far from the Township Hall. She graduated from Lake Fenton High School. Her plans are to remain in the community as Valerie and her husband recently purchased a new home in the area.

When asked what she would do with her break from the daily office responsibilities. Valerie replied, “I won’t be setting an alarm in the morning!” She plans to take a few weeks, relax and enjoy their new home. Valerie likes to do crafts, she will spend some of her free time gardening, and wants to learn how to can.

While she won’t rule out doing something work-wise in the future. She says contributing to the community is her priority. Volunteering or helping to assist area residents is in Valerie’s DNA.

The Township treated Valerie to lunch today, retirement gifts were given. Most significantly the Board of Trustees honored her with a resolution to mark the occasion. The text follows.


WHEREAS, Valerie A. McDonald is retiring from Fenton Township on March 7,
2019, and
WHEREAS, Ms. McDonald, a life-long Fenton Township resident and Lake Fenton
alumnus, has been employed by Fenton Township for twenty-five years, during which time
she has contributed greatly to the growth and improvement of township operations and
services, including:
 Served as recording secretary to the Fenton Township Planning Commission and
Zoning Board of Appeals.
 Served as Assistant Zoning Administrator.
 Played a pivotal role in the development of new Fenton Township Master Plans in
2001 and 2018.
 Served on the committee that developed the current Fenton Township Zoning
 Was instrumental in Fenton Township becoming one of the first local units of
government in Genesee County to implement a comprehensive Geographic
Information System (GIS).
WHEREAS, Ms. McDonald served loyally and faithfully as a valued member of the
Fenton Township staff from 1994 to 2019, demonstrating the qualities of dedication,
leadership and professionalism, as well as a true commitment to public service, throughout
her 25 years of employment;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Township Board of the Charter
Township of Fenton hereby recognizes Valerie A. McDonald for her valuable contributions
to the development of the township’s services and overall operations, and to the Fenton
Township community as a whole, and expresses sincere appreciation and gratitude for
her dedicated service to the government and citizens of Fenton Township, and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this resolution be spread upon the minutes of
this meeting and a copy provided to Ms. McDonald.
Motion to adopt Resolution No. 2019-05 as presented.

Congratulations Valerie, enjoy the absence of the alarm tomorrow morning.