Meet Mike Beck: Paintless Dent Repair Artist


You’re on your way home but have to stop at VG’s to pick up a couple of items. You find a parking spot and run in to grab a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, and a dozen eggs. Breakfast tomorrow. Back out to the car and the guy who was parked next to you is gone. Good, easier to get in the car, they never give you enough room in those narrow spaces.

You reach for the door handle and OH NO! Your parking neighbor has left you a present. A rather large indentation in the door of your beautiful car. Immediately the calculator starts clicking in your head. The dent is deep and on a body seam. It will have to be pulled out, reshaped with bondo, sanded, primed, and painted. Because the dent is close to the rear door the paint will have to be blended into that panel in order to look right. A $500 to $1,000 dollar repair bill is staring you in the face.

Mike Beck

You need to meet a guy by the name of Mike Beck. Mike is a paintless dent repair artist. We say artist because that’s exactly what Mike’s repairs are, artwork. Take a look at the before and after pictures of this SUV Mike returned to like new condition.

The Dent Before Mike Works on it.
After Mike Does His Thing

Amazing, that’s what a skilled sheet metal artist can do.

Mike Beck Paintless Dent Repair

What is Paintless Dent Repair 

You say paintless dent repair and people look at you kind of strange. Huh? Explained, its the process of working damaged sheet metal back into its original condition without the need to break the paint and refinish the spot on the panel.

Wow, think of the advantages. No lengthy body shop visit required, repairs generally take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the severity. Factory paint can never be fully duplicated because of the process used in assembly plants. Potential repaint problems include poor color match, fading over time, quality application issues, and you’ll always know where the panel has been painted.

Mike’s Shop, C&M Car Care

When Mike’s done repairing your dent you may have trouble finding where it was. No outward dents, no ripples.

The Process

Depending on the location of the dent Mike may need to remove an interior panel to gain access to the inside of the sheet metal. He uses a series of tools to gently work the metal back to its original shape. The process is painstakingly slow, but that’s how you avoid ugly reminders of where the dent existed.

Mike at Work

It takes a tremendous amount of skill to work the metal and smooth it correctly, without cracking the paint in the process. Mike can tell you the number of hours spent practicing on junkyard door panels to perfect his craft. It’s a don’t try this at home process.

About Mike

Mike has been in the paintless dent repair business since 1996. His business C&M Car Care started soon after he graduated from high school. As with any true artist you have to perfect your craft. Mike started on easy door dings, hail damage, and pop-outs that were on flat panels. Now, there is almost no dent mike can’t tackle.

Until recently C&M Car Care has been primarily wholesale. Visiting automobile dealerships and working on their used car inventory. He has fixed literally thousands of door dents, maybe even one or two on the vehicle you’re driving. His ability to continually service dealers and satisfy their needs is a testament to his quality and honesty in the business.

Annie Hoffman, Lasco Ford Used Car Manager in charge of reconditioning, speaks to Mike’s abilities. “Mike is a class guy, always smiling, easy to talk to and helpful. His work is amazing, he has smoothed dents that I was sure we were going to have to paint. He gets my highest recommendation.”

Developing a Retail Business

Mike enjoys meeting new people. “Being a used car manager is a difficult job, they get a little crabby at times, and to a certain extent, your craft gets taken for granted. It’s fun to work with a retail customer that comes to you with uncertain expectations. Then see their face beaming when they look at the end result. My biggest source of retail business is the referrals from past customers.

Mike has opened a shop at 14261 Torrey Road, Suite C, adjacent to CrossFit Fenton. MBM Auto Renew houses Mike’s C&M Car Care. They also offer seat, dash, and carpet repairs for interior rips and stains. They remove windshield chips and can give your automobile a fabulous full detail and wax.

Get Mike’s Help

You can talk to Mike directly and schedule service by calling 810-931-3485. Working with an independent contract offers huge advantages. Try and get a body shop to meet you on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon because that’s the only time you have available. Mike will and evenings too. All work is done by appointment so you know you are not just another car in line

With repairs starting at just $99 your wallet is going to like Mike. Call him today and your going to make a new friend, guaranteed.

Paintless Dent Repair in Fenton, Michigan

C&M Car Care

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