The CrossFit Games 2019 Open Wrap Up, CrossFit Fenton

CrossFit Fenton, FENTON MI (March 27, 2019)

If you have been following The Lasco Press coverage of The CrossFit Games 2019 Open at CrossFit Fenton you know we have some world-class athletes participating locally. The Open Competition is 5 weeks of workouts meant to test the fitness level of those competing. Workout elements are announced on Thursday and athletes have until Tuesday to complete the workout and post their scores.

At the end of the 5 weeks, the Top 200 in the world in each age group move on to the online qualifier. That event determines who advances to the CrossFit Games in Madison WI The online qualifier consists of 4 workouts over 1 weekend. The workouts are filmed and submitted for judges to review.

The Best of the Best

In 2018 a total of 429,157 athletes competed in The Open portion of the CrossFit Games. For 2019 those who make it to finals will consist of the world’s National Champions (1 from each affiliate country) and the fittest 35 men, 35 women, 14 teams, 40 teenagers, and 120 masters. From July 31 to August 4 in Madison, the CrossFit Games “rank the world’s fittest and determine who is the Fittest on Earth.”

Even if you are an incredible athlete the chances of making it to the international finals are slim. We reported on several local athletes from CrossFit Fenton competing in the top 1% of the world. To put that into perspective, the top 1% of a half million participants is 5,000 athletes.

What Drives Competitors?

Our society is so focused on winning you might wonder why so many individuals would sign up to participate when the chance to excel is less than one in a thousand. With only a handful of those earning a victory. That’s what makes the sport of Crossfit so unique.

It’s not about winning the Super Bowl of Fitness. It’s about winning the battle with yourself. How did CrossFit Fenton’s top athletes do? Remarkable, unbelievable, even internationally noteworthy. But we will get to that in a minute. Here are the athletes from our local gym that excelled personally.

Barton Scotland and Pete Didilus achieved their 1st bar muscle up during this year’s Open. An incredibly difficult element of grabbing a stationary bar and pulling your body up over the bar so your arms are extended straight.

Barton Scotland’s First Bar Muscle Up, Check out the Cheers for His Accomplishment / Lasco Press Photo

Michelle Vultaggio achieved her 1st chest to bar pull up. But not without some pain and sacrifice.

Michelle Vultaggio / Lasco Press Photo

Brian Rosa at age 14 competed in his 1st Open and earned recognition for “best facial expression.”

Brian Rosa / Lasco Press Photo

Alan Fredendall pulled off his 1st chest to bar and a personal best Squat Clean of 185 lbs. Oh, and 2nd place in “best facial expression.” CrossFit has made a huge impact on Alan’s life, he has lost 152 pounds since February of 2018.

Alan Fredendall / Lasco Press Photo

Some additional 1st-time accomplishments. Jacqui Tomyn, Mandy English and Kristy Virgin successfully completed the toes to the bar element. Tim Vanitvelt managed to do his 1st handstand pushup. That makes me dizzy thinking about it.

Joyce Brown 67 years old, 5 feet tall, and 100 pounds completed all 5 open workouts. She did the last one on the day it was announced. Who says seniors can’t achieve remarkable fitness.

Alecia Green in 2017 ranked 68,445 in the world among women. In 2018 she was 19,663rd, this year Alecia is 8,422 out of 140,131 women. Placing her in the top 6% internationally. That’s what CrossFit is all about, competing against yourself.

Alecia Green / Lasco Press Photo

In another remarkable achievement, Alecia completed 50 consecutive double unders in the jump rope. A double under is when you pass the rope twice under your feet on a single jump. Mike Abbey and Karla Hall also hit the consecutive 50 double under’s mark during this year’s Open.

Matt Cramer powered up a 75 lb snatch, floor to overhead lift. Not just a personal best but a first-ever dead weight lift.

Matt Cramer / Lasco press Photo

A pair of young ladies caught our attention for their incredible work ethic.

Calli McCraig is 15 year’s old and attends Fenton High School. A multi-sport athlete she competes in hockey, soccer, softball, and basketball in addition to making 5 workouts a week at CrossFit Fenton. Calli was an original CrossFit Teen at the gym, she also participates in the Bar Bell Club.

Calli McCraig / Lasco Press Photo

Jessie Bright is a stellar student-athlete. Yes, good grades and incredible fitness are compatible traits. In fact, CrossFit Teens are generally better students, more self-confident and emotionally stable than young people who lack even a moderate amount of physical activity.

Jessie Bright / Lasco Press Photo

Mason Crosby and his wife Lauren are expecting a child. But, that did not keep Lauren from participating in the Open. No doubt, the baby will be doing crib-side pull-ups shortly after birth.

Lauren Crosby / Lasco Press Photo

More Personal Progress Rankings

Minda Abbey ranked 17,586 in the world among Women 35-39 in 2018. Compare that to 4,324 in this year’s rankings. Top 16% of 25,971 age group competitors.

Athlete 2019 World Rank 2018 World Rank 2017 World Rank
Bill Anderson                       3,837                     14,271  N/A
Christine Brown                       1,038                       2,082                       3,353
Kristina Day                     31,297                     61,409  N/A
Mikayla Day                     10,845                     19,378                   109,649
April Glowacki                     12,500                     12,733                     48,844
Billy Glowacki                       4,170                     19,316                     40,005
Evan Howieson                     46,171                     47,543                     50,327
Tony Stockero                     63,406                   122,478                   195,871
Meranda Wiggins                       6,830                     13,244                     12,584


First Time Competitors

A number of CrossFit Fenton’s first-time Open competitors earned props for their competitive workouts. Lauren Dunigan, Deb Edwards, Trenton Gafner, Rance Hennessey, Dan Jullian, Emily Stacy, and Justin Trombley. Whether you were the gyms top athlete or a first timer just getting started, everyone benefited. The goal of better fitness is not a destination it’s an on-going competition with yourself.

Dr. Mitch Babcock and Matt Cramer / Lasco Press Photo

Top Performers

Back to those top performers from CrossFit Fenton we have been following.

Matthew Manley

The 14-year-old son of noted area attorney Mike Manley just became eligible to compete in The CrossFit Games. But Matthew has been preparing for this for some time working out at the gym with his dad. That dedication has paid off.

Matthew is 97th in the world in his age bracket after the Open. When his scores are verified he will have a chance to participate in the Online Qualifier. He has a good chance of progressing further, Matthew’s first Open workout placed him 17th in the world.

Matthew Manley / Lasco Press Photo
Jamie Lasco

CrossFit Fenton owner Jamie Lasco had a stellar Open. In her 35-39 age bracket, Jamie ranked 386th in the world out of 25,972 athletes competing. A top 1% ranking. Jamie’s rank of 2,429th among 140,131 women of all ages in the Open is also top tier. Truly world-class.

Mike Manley

Matthew’s dad, Mike Manley, ranked 478th out of 7,625 competitors in the Men 50-54 age group.

Dr. Mitch Babcock

Coach, Doctor, Physical Therapy Clinic owner, and Athlete Dr. Mitch is the man. Ranking 2,665 of 185,548 men in the Open is another top 1% world class effort.

Is CrossFit For You?

Improved fitness, a sense of purpose, involvement in a tight-knit supportive community, and just feeling better about yourself. If this sounds like something you could use in your life, CrossFit Fenton offers a Free 1-Week Tryout to individuals who want to find out what CrossFit is really like. Be a part of something big and change your life in the process.