Data Shows Majority of USA Rooting for MSU Final Four Win


Unless you have been living under a rock, you most likely know that Michigan State Basketball has made it to the Final Four.

Clearly there were many disappointed Michigan fans after MSU defeated them several times toward the end of the season and then their team fell to Texas Tech in the finals.  Many Michigan fans though have shared they are rooting for MSU to go all the way and give the State of Michigan a Final Four Championship in 2019.

Apparently Michigan residents are not the only ones cheering on MSU.  According to recent Twitter Geotagged Data compiled by, 27 of the 50 states are cheering on Michigan State.

Photo Credit: betonling.AG

If you are cheering for MSU or are ready to, check out the hype video below and get ready for tip off at 8:49 PM Eastern Standard Time!