Detroit Pistons 1 Win Away From NBA Playoffs

Detroit, MI — April 10, 2019

Today if the final day of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) regular season. The Detroit Pistons are 40-41 on the season and currently hold 8th place in the Eastern Conference, the final playoff position. Last night, playing at home against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Pistons trailed at halftime 57-38. They staged a furious rally in the 4th quarter outscoring Memphis 36-14 and pulled out a 100-93 victory to keep themselves in 8th ahead of the Charlotte Hornets who are 39-42 after Wednesday’s action.

The Pistons play the New York Knicks tonight while Charlotte takes on the Orlando Magic. A Detroit loss and Charlotte win give the Hornets the final spot based on their 4-0 record over the Pistons this year (the first tiebreaker is the team’s head-to-head record).

Good News / Bad News

The good news for Detroit is their opponent tonight has the worst record in the NBA. The Knicks are 17-64 after another woeful season for what was once a premier franchise in the league. The bad news is after qualifying for the final playoff spot the Pistons will open the post-season against the Milwaukee Bucks (60-21) who own the best record in the league.

Still, this would be only the 2nd time in the last nine seasons the Pistons have qualified for the playoffs. Detroit fans will gladly take it, even if means only four more games added to the season.