Ford Performance Racing School, How to Attend for Free

Ford Performance Racing School, Grantsville, UT — April 25, 2019

Have you ever seen those racing schools advertised and thought, that looks like great fun? Getting behind the wheel of a performance vehicle and letting it all hang out on the track. That is an exhilarating experience, not something you can do in everyday driving. At least, not legally or safely for that matter.

Ford Performance Racing School is one of those places where that fantasy can come true. Located in Grantsville, Utah, about a 35-minute drive Southwest of Salt Lake City. You pass the southern shore of the Great Salt Lake en route.

Ford Motor Company Approved

Ford Performance Racing School is the only school backed by Ford. You can learn from experienced racers, drive hot laps, hone your skills, or join a racing series. They offer programs for all ability levels. In-classroom instruction and on-track driving to implement what you learn. Behind the wheel of Ford’s incredible lineup of performance vehicles.

The school offers a wide variety of class options. One and two-day classes at their world-class track. The race course is a 4.5-mile, 40-50-foot-wide, 23-turn circuit – the longest in North America.

Photo Courtesy of Ford Performance Racing School / Our world-class track is a 4.5-mile, 40-50-foot-wide, 23-turn circuit – the longest in North America. It has four different configurations, ranging from two different 2.2-mile circuits to the 3.08-mile Perimeter Course and the 4.5-mile Full Course. This course has challenged the best drivers in the American Le Mans Series, Grand-Am Road Racing, and NASCAR.

Get Yourself on Track for Free

Here is the news you really want to know about. Ford Motor Company and Ford Performance are offering a Free One-Day driving experience class for Ford owners of the following models.

Photo Courtesy of Ford Performance Racing School
GT350 Track Attack

Owners of the new 2018 & 2019 Shelby GT350 learn high-performance driving skills, the dynamics of your Shelby GT350, braking and cornering techniques on the track, and proper driving posture and seating positions.

Photo Courtesy of Ford Performance Racing School
ST Octane Academy

For owners of Ford Focus ST and Ford Fiesta ST performance vehicles. The ST Octane Academy program is built on our tried-and-true Ford Performance Racing School format. So, those of you who like driving 55 in the fast lane with your arm out the window may be a little disappointed. All day, every day, we are a racing school. That means that all you speed addicts will have more than ample opportunity to see exactly what an ST is capable of. Have you ever wanted to do a handbrake turn into a parking spot? Here’s your chance!

Photo Courtesy of Ford Performance Racing School

Oh, and if you’d like to share the fun with a friend, family member or significant other, bring them along! We guarantee they’ll have a good time too (fees apply for rideshare).

RS Adrenaline Academy

The RS Adrenaline Academy celebrates the introduction of the Ford Focus RS to the United States after the best-in-class hatchback took Europe by storm the past few years. The Academy experience is included with the purchase of every 2018 Focus RS. Qualified owners are invited to buckle-up for a complimentary high-performance driving experience with lots of time driving Focus RS’s on the racetrack!

Photo Courtesy of Ford Performance Racing School
ST SUV Experience

The day begins with a real-world scenic drive through the Wasatch Mountains followed by exhilarating driving exercises designed to showcase the dynamic driving capabilities of the Edge ST to appreciate the many sophisticated technological features and performance ability of this exciting SUV.

Photo Courtesy of Ford Performance Racing School

In the words of Hau Thai-Tang, executive vice president of Ford Product Development and Purchasing, “Edge ST puts a new animal on the road – a performance SUV with a track mentality. From a performance standpoint, and with its SUV silhouette and versatility, it sets a new standard that Edge fans will love to drive.” And drive it you will in the ST SUV Experience, a complimentary experience exclusive to all owners of this new vehicle.

Photo Courtesy of Ford Performance Racing School
Raptor Assault

The goal of Raptor Assault is to demonstrate the performance capabilities of your Raptor and to improve your driving skills . . . all while making sure you have a blast . . . and a lasting grin.

Photo Courtesy of Ford Performance Racing School

Owners of the leaner, meaner Ford F-150 Raptor have an exclusive opportunity to learn about the features that make this the best performing Raptor yet with training from Ford Performance Racing School instructors in controlled off-road environments. Ford and Ford Performance are offering this program free of charge to owners of the 2018 or 2019 Raptor.

The Experience

Dave Brooks purchased a new Ford Raptor from Lasco Ford in Fenton, MI. He opted to take advantage of the Raptor Assault experience on a weekend trip to Utah. According to Dave, it is a must see and fabulous fun adventure. “The local mountain terrain is beautiful and driving the new Raptor to its capacity is an exhilarating rush. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see what the new Raptor is capable of.”

Photo Courtesy of Ford Performance Racing School

Dave also noted the staff at the Ford Performance Racing School were top notch. “Everyone I dealt with was well schooled on customer service. The staff made me feel comfortable, answered my questions, and made sure I had an enjoyable day in class and on the track. Kudos to the quality of the instructors and their interaction with guests.”

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Give it a Go

Talk to our friends at Lasco Ford and like Dave book the experience of a lifetime. If you are not yet a Ford Performance vehicle owner, talk to them about the amazing Ford product lineup.