Michigan DNR Releases Maps of 6,308 Miles of Forest Roads Open to ORV Use


Off road vehicles owners and users should be excited for the 2019 season as the Michigan DNR has just released updated maps that show thousands of miles of roads now available for ORV use.

Black Mountain Recreation Area – Courtesy of Michigan DNR

The Michigan DNR made headlines when they announced their plans to open Michigan forest roads for ORV use.  The plans are now final and the updated maps that show 6,308 miles of forest roads can now be found on the Michigan DNR website.  Beginning Jan. 1, of the total 7,552 miles of state forest roads in the Northern Lower Peninsula, 6,308 miles will be open to ORV use.

Be sure to check the website to for all of the map details, laws, and license requirements.  We have provided quick links to important information regarding the roads below.

Interactive Map / Current Road Status

Printable Maps / Current Road Status

Michigan DNR – ORV/ATV Riding Main Website