Tony Finau Remembers Last Year’s Masters Golf Tournament Injury

April 3, 2019

The 2019 edition of The Masters kicks off next week. One of the most remembered images from last year’s tournament is the video of Tony Finau running towards the green celebrating his hole-in-one during the Par-3 contest. As he spun around to acknowledge the cheers from the crowd he rolled his ankle in a brutal fashion.

Despite the injury and the pain that accompanied it Finau played all four rounds of The Master’s finishing 10th at seven under par. Including a spectacular six under 66 on the final day.

Preparing for This Year’s Tournament

Injuries are an unfortunate occurrence in every sport. When the injury is self-inflicted, especially during a celebratory moment, the pain of the trama is accompanied by the embarrassment of the moment. But, Finau has turned out to be a good sport about the whole affair. Check out the following video from Nike.

Don’t look for the Finau1 golf shoe/boot at your local pro shop anytime soon. It was all an elaborate April Fools Day joke by Finau and Nike. Great job guys.

Photo Courtesy of Nike and Getty Images

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