Holly Happenings, Family Fun This Weekend

Holly, Mi — May 14, 2019

There is a lot happening in Holly this weekend! Looking for some family fun check out the events on the local calendar.

The Holly Super Hero Family Fun Run

The Holly Super Hero Family Fun Run is a new event taking place this year. Scheduled to kick off this Saturday, May 18th, 9 am at the Holly High School. The idea for the one-mile run was birthed when Detective Heather Wolkow of the Holly Village Police Department approached Scott Roper, superintendent of Holly Area Schools about working on a superhero event to support the community and Holly area kids. Wolkow is a parent with a child who attends school within the Holly Area Schools district. She serves on the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Roper suggested the event be held at the school.

Wonderwomen! Detective Heather Wolkow dressed as Wonderwoman with two young students at Patterson Elementary School / Photo Credit Captain Dan Myers

Participants in the run are invited to dress as their favorite superheroes.
“We’re hearing about huge events throughout the nation at which kids and adults are dressing like superheroes,” Roper said. “The good thing about kids doing this is the connection we can make with superheroes doing good and helping people. Kids can associate superheroes not only as someone who has superpowers but someone who does good.”

Who’s Coming

First responders were invited to the run. Fire trucks, police cars, K9s, Marines, and the Special Weapons and Tactics unit (SWAT) will be there. The Sheriff’s Department, The Michigan State Police Department, Oakland County Fire Department, Oakland County Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and the Holly Village Police Department have all been invited.
“It’s an opportunity for kids to see how our first responders support our community and start to develop a positive relationship with them at a young age,” Roper said. “There are a lot of valuable entities that serve our families. Having that relationship with them and letting our kids see that relationship goes a long way.”

Captain Dan Myers of the Village of Holly Fire Department dressed as Batman / Photo Credit Detective Heather Wolkow.

As part of the day’s activities, a helicopter will land at 10:30 a.m.
“The helicopter landing provides an additional opportunity for students, staff, and families to learn how these local heroes keep our community safe,” Roper said.

A Charitable Cause

Fifty percent of the Fun Run proceeds will benefit the Holly’s Heroes Helping Holly’s Kids Program, developed to help build positive relationships between Holly Area School students and the local police and fire department. The other half of the money raised will benefit Holly Area Schools’ PTO. Runners can choose which school they would like a portion of their donation to benefit. This can be based on the school they or their children attend. Funds raised will benefit the Shop with a Cop Program, field trips, and classroom projects.

Roper is hoping for great weather and a wonderful turnout. He expects the event will become an annual affair and to see it grow yearly. “It is as much about providing a unique experience for the children and the community as it is about the money being raised,” according to Roper.

Tickets are $10 each or $30 for a family of over three participants and available at eventbrite.com when searching Holly Super Hero Family Fun Run.

The LucasStrong 3.4 Walk/Run for Parkinson’s

Also this Saturday, The LucasStrong 3.4 Walk/Run for Parkinson’s is set for 2 pm at the Holly Recreation Center. Jim Lucas, 59, was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s disease at age 44. To help battle his illness Lucas works out daily.

Personal trainer Ahdi Dasuqi (left) working out with Jim Lucas at Body by Ahdi Gym in Clarkston / Photo Credit Lisa Lucas.

“Exercise has been proven to help manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s,” said. Mary Sue Lanigan, Chief Executive Officer for the Michigan Parkinson’s Foundation.
“Jim Lucas has done very well with his Parkinson’s,” Lanigan added. “He still runs his own company, along with his wife. He attributes a lot of how well he does to his exercise regiment. That’s where the name LucasStrong comes from.”

About Parkinson’s Disease

An estimated 30,000 people in Michigan are living with Parkinson’s, and just under a million people in the United States are believed to be dealing with the disease. “It’s anticipated that by the year 2030, in 11 years, the number will double,” Lanigan said.
The average age of diagnosis for Parkinson’s is 58. Individuals living with Parkinson’s have lost 80 percent of the dopamine in their brain. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that makes the body move. So, these individuals have a problem with movement.

Five percent of those with Parkinson’s have young onset Parkinson’s, which can affect individuals as young as those in their 20s. Actor Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s in his 30s. “I think it’s a disease not a lot of people are aware of,” Lanigan said. “They think only really old people get it. The average age of diagnosis is 58. Parkinson’s very often goes undiagnosed because there are so many different types of symptoms and they affect people differently. Very often, people will be treated for something else when it’s actually Parkinson’s.”

Key Indicators

The four noticeable signs of Parkinson’s are rigidity, tremors, balance issues and slowness in movement, including in speech, which often becomes softer. Although there is no cure for Parkinson’s, medication is used to treat it by replacing the dopamine in the brain.

The Michigan Parkinson’s Foundation was founded in 1983 to educate people with Parkinson’s and their families on how to live better with Parkinson’s and to educate healthcare professionals to treat and diagnose Parkinson’s. The foundation s has a program through which respite care is paid for on behalf of the caregiver. It provides assistance with medication and has 46 support groups for Parkinson’s around the state.

Getting Involved

Saturday’s 3.4-mile walk/run is also a first-time community activity. The goal of the event is to raise money for the Michigan Parkinson’s Foundation. The LucasStrong group, consisting of family and friends of the Lucas family, wants the money used to specifically provide scholarships for people with Parkinson’s to be able to take exercise classes. The group will be meeting at the River Rock Bar and Grill for an after party.

Lisa and Jim Lucas have endured a total of five surgeries. Lisa Lucas said Clarkston Woman’s Life Group came to the family and wanted to do something. Since they consider themselves fortunate, because Jim Lucas can afford a personal trainer, they said they wanted to do something to help other people.

The Lucas Family; (left to right) Jim Lucas, Alyssa Lucas, Kristina Lucas and Lisa Lucas / Photo Credit Zak Bellas.

To register, visit eventbrite.com and type LucasStrong in the search bar.

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