Lake Fenton High School Band Earns $8,000 from Ford’s Drive 4UR School Program

Lasco Ford Assists Local Students in Fundraiser for Lake Fenton High School Band

Lake Fenton High School, Fenton, MI — May 18, 2019

The day dawned cool and wet, then saw temperatures soar into the 80s, typical Michigan weather.

Regardless, Mother Nature could do nothing to dim the enthusiasm of Lake Fenton High School Band members as they worked to earn money for their organization.

Their efforts paid off in an $8,000 donation from Ford Motor Company and local dealer Lasco Ford.

About Drive 4UR School

The Drive 4UR Scool program is a nationwide fundraiser sponsored by Ford Motor Company.

For every valid test drive taken in a Ford vehicle at a registered one-day event, Ford will donate $20 to the participating school or community organization up to $8,000 per event. The goal is to raise the maximum donation of $8,000 at every Drive 4 UR School or Drive 4 UR Community event.

Schools or community organizations can raise money for virtually anything, ranging from athletic equipment for school teams, equipment for school bands, to canned foods to fill a food pantry. To date, the program has earned organizations donations over $40 million dollars from Ford Motor Company.

Lasco Ford’s Commitment

Organizations require the sponsorship of their local Ford Dealer to participate. Lasco Ford provides the different Ford vehicle models for test drives. The school provides help to organize activities. Band volunteers register drivers on the day the test drives are held. Friends, family, and guests are invited to participate.

Lasco Ford Vice President Matt Lasco says, “It is our pleasure to work with local schools to see them benefit from the Ford Drive 4UR School Program. Over our 35+ years in Fenton, we are proud to contribute to the growth of our community. Personal relationships with local residents and businesses have helped our business grow and we are happy to pay back in the form of support for local schools. Strong schools are the basis for thriving families, neighborhoods, and ultimately our region as a whole. We see helping young people participate in school activities as a means of enhancing their learning experience and a vital part of their education.”

Over the better part of a decade, Lasco Ford has helped area schools earn almost $70,000 with the Drive for Your School initiative.

Support From Students, Parents, and School Administrators

To make Drive 4UR School a successful event requires the help of many individuals. Band members turned out to support their school along with parents appreciative of the opportunity to see their young people learn from performing community service. Ryan Gonder, Lake Fenton High School’s Band Director lead the school’s involvement.

Katelyn Couturier from Lasco Ford coordinated the dealership’s participation and brought along a number of employees who volunteered to lend their time to the effort. Everyone can take pride in their efforts to bolster educational programs in the greater Fenton community. Great Job!

Photographs Courtesy of David Morey Photography