Lake Michigan Holds Ancient Secrets

Lake Michigan — April 29, 2019

This is one of those stories the internet loves. Tons of speculation, shreds of proof, all mixed with unexplainable circumstances. Did you know Lake Michigan has a spot on its sandy bottom where there appears to be a man-made stone formation?

Mark Holley’s Discovery

The Stonehedge of Lake Michigan

In 2007, a researcher was scanning the depts of Grand Traverse Bay in Northern Lake Michigan looking for shipwrecks. His name is Mark Holley, and he is a professor of underwater archaeology from Northwestern Michigan College, a public community college in Traverse City. What he found was even more remarkable than a rusted hull or the wooden beam of an old sailing ship.

Holley documented a formation of stones that appear to have been set in a specific order. The size, shaping, and placement of the stones seem to indicate they are not naturally occurring. If that is the case the stones must have been placed when the lake bed was dry, around the end of the last ice age.

Mark Holley’s Discovery

Additional Evidence

If the underwater Stonehedge of Lake Michigan were not strange enough Holley discovered further evidence that man likely had a hand in setting the structure. During a follow-up exploration of the site, Holley spotted a stone with a carving that appears to be that of a mastodon.

Mark Holley’s Discovery

That find further deepens the mystery as scientists believe Mastodons went extinct 10,000 years ago.

The Hand of Man

The stone carving of the Mastodon is described as deeply etched like it was engraved. So how does such a thing occur long before man was thought to have developed tools that could perform such actions? Is it possible the engraving could have lasted that long with the eroding effects of constant exposure to water?

No Answers

Like all good mysteries, there is enough evidence to suggest something extraordinary happened just outside of what is now Traverse City, Michigan. However, there is enough doubt to cast suspicion as to when and how the event actually happened.

Maybe if they solve the mystery of Oak Island, Michigan’s Lagina brothers will move back home and explore the origins of our local Stonehedge. Until then the internet memes will continue to give life to the story.