NASCAR Driver Aric Almirola in Michigan to Promote Race at MIS

Ford’s Garage, Dearborn, MI — May 13, 2019

The FireKeepers Casino 400 is less than a month away at Michigan International Speedway. On June 9th, 2019 the cars and stars of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series come to MIS to put on a show. What a show it is expected to be. With the new competition package, NASCAR introduced for 2019, the changes are sure to ramp up the excitement for the driver’s 1st visit to the Irish Hills this year.

Aric Almirola / Lasco Press Photo

Aric Almirola Talks Racing at Michigan International Speedway

During a luncheon this week at Ford’s Garage in Dearborn, Stewart-Haas Racing driver Aric Almirola talked to the media about what to expect at MIS for the Firekeepers Casino 400 next month.

Here are some of his comments to our questions regarding what fans can look forward to seeing.

Aric, How do you see the race at Michigan playing out. Speeds will be slower, cars are likely to bunch up closer. Will the help drivers have more ability to pass and make runs?

“I think the passing at Michigan will increase for sure, I think there will be more side-by-side racing than we have seen in the past. Quite frankly at Michigan, in the past couple of years, we have been running 215 to 220 mph getting into the corner. That’s too fast.”

“Not that I am afraid to run 220 mph, the problem is when you are running that fast you are constantly on the edge of the capabilities of the car. It’s all you can do to run that fast in clean air. When you start getting around other cars you are over the capacity of the car and the tires. So naturally, you spread out to get back to clean air.”

“You don’t want to be around anyone and have the air taken off your car because you’re going to wreck. Wrecking at 220 mph hurts. So as you bring the speeds down, drivers are more comfortable in the cars and will get more aggressive. I think you will see a lot more passing.”

Last Saturday night we saw a lot of 2,3,4, and even 5 wide racing. Do you expect to see more of that at Michigan?

“The only question I have is, at Kansas, you can run the bottom of the track or the top of the track. You have grip top to bottom. At Michigan, over the past couple of years, you have grip at the bottom of the track and in the 2nd lane. Once you get out of that 2nd lane it’s a little iffy. The track doesn’t have as much grip up there, there is not as much rubber laid down up there, that’s one of the challenges at Michigan.”

“I hope that with being more comfortable with the capabilities of the car and the tires that we can go up there and rubber that in.”

Would you like to see traction compound applied?

“Whatever it takes to have grip. As a driver if you are going around in circles on the track and you drive somewhere that does not have grip, you are not going to go there again.”

Do you like the changes to the Cup Schedule for 2020?

“I do like the changes to the schedule. I think it’s going to be fun to fun to mix it up and look forward to the following year when they are able to make some big changes.”

FireKeepers Casino 400

Tickets are still available for the FireKeepers Casino 400, June 9, 2019. Prices start at just $39. Order online from the MIS website or call 888-905-7223. Catch all the weekend action with special deals including Kids 12 and under Free on Friday and Saturday.

Camping At MIS

Michigan Speedway President Rick Brenner was on hand for the luncheon and we asked him about one of his favorite subjects, Camping at MIS.

During the past couple of years, the Speedway has really focused on promoting itself as a vacation destination. Not just come and see the races, but speed the whole week and enjoy the many things the track has to offer.

“Historically when you think about coming to MIS there are some things you can count on. You’re going to see a great race and you’re going to be a part of a great party. We are doing everything we can to let the people know the other things they can look forward to.”

“We are doing a lot of things to keep the campgrounds family friendly and allow the party zones to have their fun. We want to communicate that to our guests so they can make an informed decision and have the experience they want to have.”

“It has been very well received, we have added a lot of entertainment, a lot of family activities, concerts, and late night activities. There is something there for everybody.”

Campground Entertainment

If you are thinking about a trip to the Irish Hills this year, check out the list of activities you can enjoy by camping out at MIS.

  • Movie – Grab your popcorn and enjoy the movie on the big screen. Campers can watch Bumblebeeon Thursday in June and Incredibles 2 on Thursday in August.
  • Medium – Make connections to loved ones in spirit delivering messages and guidance full of laughter, love, insight, and healing during a special message from the spirit session.
  • Late Night Party – Be sprayed by paint and foam while listening to the DJ until 2 a.m.
  • Concerts – There will be musical performances all weekend long throughout the campgrounds.
  • Fitness Program – The track is offering yoga, Zumba and pound classes from the Jackson YMCA to those who don’t want to miss a workout.
  • Dueling pianos – Watch as two dynamic piano players entertain the crowd.
  • Bingo – All the campers will have the opportunity to lay claim to being the best at MIS.
  • Face Painters – Kids can get their faces painted.
  • Magician – Be prepared to be in awe as a magician roams the campground.
  • Church service – Every campground will have a non-denominational service on Sunday morning.

Camping Reservations

With over 9,000 campsites available, you can choose the type of experience that suits your group. Check out the possibilities online at

Reserve your spot online or call 888.905.7223 to speak to a reservation specialist.

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