Google Says Superman Ice Cream is Michigan’s Most Popular


As summer rolls in with temps rising most Michigan residents will make their desert choice ice cream at some point in the season.  The question is out of all the amazing flavors available, what do most people in Michigan look for?

Photo Courtesy of Scoops Ice Cream

According to a recent study conducted by WorkWise Software, Superman landed on the top of Michigan’s list.  The study was done by using Google search volume to find out what residents where searching for most often.  Michigan was actually the only state on the list to have Superman rank number one.

There were also some odd names that managed to make their way on the list, like Tiger Tail, Tutti, Frutti, and even Beer.  Of course there has to be a top spot for the U.S.A. and the winner was Cookies and Cream by a long shot.

You can find the entire list along with other interesting data like Chocolate VS. Vanilla on the WorkWise website.