Holly 4th Graders Take STEM Virtual Trip to Mahindra Automotive


Holly, MI – Fourth grade students in the Holly Area Schools district were amazed at the powers of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) coming to life when they took part in a virtual field trip to Auburn Hills-based Mahindra Automotive North America! The Roxor off-road vehicle is manufactured at the Mahindra Automotive North America facility, and students learned about this remarkable process.

At Holly Area Schools, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) instruction is provided in all elementary buildings, which helps the district provide the youngest students with innovative and diverse learning opportunities.

Holly Michigan STEM virtual trip
Fourth grade students in the Holly Area Schools district take a virtual tour of Mahindra Automotive North America’s Auburn Hills plant. Photo provided by Holly Area Schools

“The virtual field trip was yet another example of our schools providing all Bronchos with cutting-edge instructional technology that helps prepare them for the jobs of the future. The partnership with Mahindra was also part of our continued efforts to work with outside organizations to help prepare our students for 21st century careers,” said Scott Roper, Holly Area Schools superintendent.

Before the virtual field trip, these and other real-life skills were discussed at Patterson Elementary in conjunction with “Leader in Me,” an innovative leadership program in all Holly elementary buildings that teaches students skills they can use throughout their personal and professional lives. Through “Leader in Me,” students also learn key life skills including leadership, taking responsibility, problem solving and teamwork.

Before the virtual trip, Patterson Elementary teachers discussed how vehicle manufacturing requires an understanding of trial and error, collaboration and other real-life skills. Students submitted questions in advance of the event that were answered during a video tour led by Mahindra plant manager Clarence Bringe. Students later had the opportunity to ask questions about construction of the vehicle over a live video connection.

Mahindra Automotive North America
Mahindra Automotive North America

Holly Area Schools elementary STEM teachers Nathan Mosseri and Tracey Smith hosted this event to the youngsters. Through the virtual tour of Mahindra’s facility, students received an up-close-and-personal peek at how the STEM skills they learn in school each day apply to real life and can assist them in landing lucrative STEM positions. Careers in manufacturing, health sciences, computer programming and engineering were explored through the exceptional and innovative modern day field trip.

“With a nearly 20 percent growth in STEM fields annually, it’s never too early for our students to begin learning about the skills needed to compete in the modern workforce. Regardless if Bronchos pursue STEM fields, our elementary STEM program will continue playing a key role in providing them with a well-rounded education that helps them achieve and succeed,” Roper said.

“It’s never too early for students to learn about critical STEM skills needed to compete in the modern workforce, and I was excited to show how our company utilizes these skills every day. It was truly inspiring to interact with the engineers, computer programmers and scientists of tomorrow at Patterson Elementary, and I look forward to continuing our partnership to emphasize the importance of STEM skills in 21st century careers,” said Lance Latkiewicz, Mahindra’s brand manager

“I’d particularly like to thank Mahindra for investing time in our students at Holly Area Schools, and Oakland Schools for helping create this unique partnership to demonstrate STEM in action. I look forward to building additional partnerships with the business community as we continue to provide students with unique learning opportunities, real-world experiences and skills needed to compete in the modern workforce,” Roper said.