Kevin Burdick, Mural Artist Extraordinaire

Fenton, MI — July 16, 2019

When it comes to creating art, I have trouble drawing a stickman. People who have the gift to transfer what they see onto a surface with paint, and make it look lifelike, are truly extraordinary craftsmen. We are fortunate to have such a skilled artist from Fenton who shares his impressions in a way that everyone can enjoy. Meet Mural Artist Kevin Burdick.

Kevin Burdick with His Mural at Vogt’s Flowers in Flint

The eye-catching mural on the exterior wall of Vogt’s Flowers in Flint is just one of many remarkable works that Kevin has produced for local businesses and private art admirers.

About Kevin Burdick

Kevin readily admits he was the kid in study hall that drew pictures instead of doing his homework. The Flint, Michigan native grew up in Fenton and has always had an interest in art. After high school, Kevin was working at Jett’s Pizza and doing some airbrush work on the side. He studied basic art at Mott Community College and also attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he concentrated on Animation and Illustration.

After school, Kevin decided to make his passion his profession. He started experimenting with different mediums, including  Aerosol. Kevin credits Tom at T-Rods of Flint with giving him his first opportunity to airbrush professionally. He later partnered with Psycho Customs in Bay City.

Venturing out on his own, Kevin created Scraps Designs. While he still does airbrush creations and canvas art, Kevin focuses on aerosol murals. According to Kevin, “It’s the creative outlet and freedom every artist seeks. After years of trial and error, I now feel that I can provide high-quality artwork to a wide range of clients and programs.”

Kevin’s Amazing Artwork

When I saw this picture on the Scraps Designs Website, I was ready to grab a shovel and start digging a basement.

Basement Boardwalk by Kevin Burdick

Created for a private collector, who had a vision for the man-cave at his home, Kevin brought this riverside boardwalk scene to life. Even incorporating lighting features into the design of the artwork.

Retail Space Designs

One of the staples of Kevin’s business is murals that tell a story for a business. Huron Valley Guns in New Hudson has several Scrap Designs murals on their walls with a patriotic theme.

Patriot Hall at Huron Valley Guns
Kevin at Work
More of Kevin’s Patriotic Mural Art

Theme Art

Kevin can create almost any theme for a business or art collector. Fantasy, industry, beautiful women, movies, celebrities, and abstract art are just a few of the genre’s he has painted.

The tools of Kevin’s craft include paints specially designed for mural arts. Up to 20 different nozzles may be required to achieve the particular effect he is looking for.

The Business of Art

It’s easy to see why “word of mouth” is Kevin’s biggest source of business. “Every Mural is its own billboard. When I finish painting them they continue to showcase my work for years to come.”

Kevin concentrates on Mural Art during the fair-weather months in Michigan. He tries to schedule indoor work during the winter and he still does airbrush jobs during the off-peak times.

Custom car and motorcycle enthusiasts are always looking for a great airbrush artist. Kevin’s work has been featured in national magazines such as “Common Threads,” “American Iron,” and he just completed a project that will appear in the popular custom mag “Low Rider.”


Spartan Creation
More of the Red, White, and Blue

There seems to be no limit to Kevin’s creativity.

Mail Box / Beer Can Art

Hire Kevin

If you have a project that needs the touch of an accomplished artist, get Kevin on your agenda now. Businesses, personal collectors, canvas art purveyors, no job is too big, no detail too small. Contact him at or by phone at 810-691-2966. Kevin is currently booking murals for the remainder of summer, reserve your smaller and indoor projects for this late fall and winter.