Fenton High School Seeking Volunteers for TEALS Program

Fenton, MI — August 15, 2019

The field of cybersecurity is changing so rapidly that if you were to apply yourself, you could become a cyber expert within 18 months to two years. Technology is advancing day by day. The demand for people with computer science (CS) degrees and computer engineering skills has greatly increased over the past decade.

In the U.S, there will be 1.4 million CS-related jobs by 2020. With the new school year approaching that is something to think about. Is your child tired of the same art classes, taking that extra calculous class just for credits, or microbiology to fill in his or her schedule? Why not encourage students to try a computer science class to get a head start on career essentials.

Fenton High School TEALS Program

Preparing students for the job market is an important part of the education process. Fenton High School is looking to make that happen by offering CS programs to equip young adults for tech jobs as well as giving them the opportunity to become the worlds’ next generation of creative thinkers. As a part of this process, Fenton Area Public Schools is looking for volunteers to help teach computer science curriculum at FHS through the TEALS program.

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For those that are not familiar with TEALS, it stands for Technology Education and Literacy Schools. TEALS main focus is to guide students by growing sustainable computer science programs through partnerships between tech industry volunteers and teachers working as a team to provide education to students.


If you are reading this and already have a computer science degree, a computer tech certificate, or similar credentials…you may be an ideal candidate to help. You can experience the reward of taking time out of your day to change lives. Come in and volunteer to help students climb the ladder to success or simply spread the word of TEALS/CS career awareness.

Career Opportunities

Students sometimes graduate from high school not knowing what to do after receiving their diploma, not everyone is focused on attaining a college degree. Not having that degree does not mean you will be left with no future career opportunities. Some choose to pursue entrepreneurship, trades, or self-employment.

The majority of students seeking degrees choose majors such as business or seek a Bachelors in Arts, which is not necessarily a bad choice. After graduation, the hunt for a job can sometimes feel overwhelming. If you do not have the experience in the job you are seeking, the constant submitting of applications during your job search can seem exhausting. Starting young learning workplace skills, educating yourself, and building experience in a field that is growing such as cybersecurity is strongly advised by many career counselors.

Helping Students

Some of the high demand jobs in today’s workplace are web development, mobile application developers, software engineers, system architects, machine learning engineers, and data engineers. If you are a career technology professional with an aptitude to share your knowledge, TEALS volunteering may be your opportunity to share that expertise with young people eager to learn valuable workplace skills.

Photo Courtesy of https://www.tealsk12.org/

If you have a background in CS and are interested in helping please visit https://www.tealsk12.org/volunteers/ for more information.

It is never to early or too late to take action towards your or someone else’s future.


Photo Courtesy of https://www.tealsk12.org/