Michigan Renaissance Festival, Are You Thinking of Going

Michigan Renaissance Festival, Holly, MI — August 24, 2019

Have you been thinking about attending the Michigan Renaissance Festival? Then something comes up and you put it off. Next thing you know the Festival is over and you missed it for another year. Don’t wait another weekend, get out to Holly and check it out.

Warning: This article contains pictures of people dressed in 16th-century costumes, some might be considered strange, shocking, and even fun.

Lasco Press Photo

Getting There

The Michigan Renaissance Festival is located at 12600 Dixie Highway in Holly. Take the Dixie Highway exit off I-75 and head south to the festival grounds. The Ren Fest is open Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 10 am – 7 pm, August 17 thru September 29. The Festival is also open on Friday, September 27 and Labor Day.

Various admission options are available, check the Michigan Renaissance Festival website for pricing and discount options. Weekend themes are also listed on the site.

Dress Code

Jeans, shorts, and t-shirts are certainly acceptable attire. But, if you want to fit in with the theme, dressing up is a must. Pirates are a popular meme, Vikings also are common. Men and women dress like royalty, fantasy costumes are often quite elaborate. Corsets are everywhere. Shops on the festival grounds offer every imaginable accessory and full dress outfits for both men and women.


People watching seems to be an avid pursuit and cameras are everywhere. Performers act and interact with the crowds at stages set throughout the festival, times are posted and seats fill early. Medevil sports are contested, games are staged, kids activities make it a family-friendly event.

Crowds Are Large

Lasco Press Photo

Attendance swells throughout the day and can easily be described as enthusiastic. Families having fun, flower girls strolling, and sites you just don’t see everywhere. Dogs are even welcome guests, but must be registered at the entrance. Food and drinks are available for those wishing to make their visit an extended stay. Mugs of adult beverages are sold at pubs and drinking houses on the midway.

Shade is Plentiful

The woodsy setting of the festival offers a nice amount of shade. Seating is plentiful when you just have to sit down and take a rest. Be aware, if you are routed into the auxiliary parking lot to the south of the main parking area, the walk to the entrance gate is quite long.

Best advice! Arrive early, come dressed appropriately, bring a camera, and spend the day.