Another New Restaurant Opens in Fenton

Fenton, MI — October 22, 2019

Fenton offers a wide variety of cuisine options for foodies looking to eat out at a local restaurant. One more new dining establishment opened its doors last Thursday. The much-anticipated Thai House Bistro is now greeting guests.

Located at 3401 Owen Road, right next to Jersey Mikes, the Bistro offers dine-in and carry-out service. Weekday hours, Monday to Friday are 11 am to 9 pm with lunch served from 11-3. Saturday and Sunday hours are Noon to 9 pm with service off the dinner menu only.

Thai House Bistro / Lasco Press Photo

Menu Favorites

A full menu of Thai dishes are on the menu including appetizers, soups, salads, curry dishes, stir fry, wok noodles, fried rice, as well as house and chef specials. Top your meal off with traditional Thai desserts like mango sweet rice, coconut ice cream, or Thai coconut milk custard.

Popular dishes include:

Peanut Butter Chicken

Stir-fried chicken and green beans with homemade peanut butter sauce.

Massaman Curry

The world’s most famous curry prepared with coconut milk in Massaman curry, peanuts, onions, and potatoes, with your choice of meat.

Panang Curry

Special peanut curry prepared with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, and sweet basil, with your choice of meat.

Specify your spice level from not, mild, hot, make me cry, and call 911. The menu contains gluten-free choices and dishes can be served vegan upon request.

Thai House Bistro Menu

About Thai House Bistro

In the ’90s there was a small Thai restaurant called “Thai House.” It was located at the corner of Hill and Fenton Road in Grand Blanc. It was owned by Sandy DeBois, the mother of Thai House Bistro’s ownership. Sandy has over 40 years of experience in cooking at various restaurants. She is now retired and sold off her place in Grand Blanc.

With a love and passion for Thai food, the family is back again under the new name of “Thai House Bistro.” The owner, Brian Massey, was born in Korat, Thailand and was raised here in Genesee County.

Thai House Bistro is a modern restaurant bringing the flavors of Northern Thailand and old favorite recipes together. Their food still has an original Thai flavor, with a modern twist. Only the best ingredients are used, no artificial flavors or colors, and no MSG ever.