Fenton Firefighters Charity Aids Community

Lasco Ford, Fenton, MI — November 4, 2019

First responders too often get to see us at the worst possible moments. These brave men and women who enter burning buildings, rush to accident scenes, respond to public emergencies, and generally give aid under difficult circumstances are heroes.

The “Jaws of Life” assist Fenton Firefighters in an auto accident rescue. Photo Courtesy of the Fenton Firefighters Charities

It takes a special person to deal with individuals who may have just experienced the worst day of their life. Staying positive, uplifting while consoling, and providing needed direction while in the midst of a crisis takes a strong-willed character.

But, every once in a while, these brave souls are touched by the challenges of life that are inflicted on those they are called to serve. That’s why, since 2006, a group of these dedicated individuals go one step beyond their job and focus on providing relief to those caught up in the tragedies of life.

For the firefighters of the City of Fenton saving lives is more than just responding to an emergency. It’s also about responding to individual needs.

Fenton Firefighters Charities

Created by the dedicated firefighters of our city the Fenton Firefighters Charities truly believe they can make a difference in our community.

“As we respond into the homes of citizens we can observe up close the personal situations where people truly need a hand to live and succeed. We seek to plant positive seeds in and around our community for the benefit of the whole community. We are a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity, with a simple aim – to help our fellow firefighters give something extra back to the communities we live in and care for.”

Quietly going about their mission the Fenton Firefighters Charities have a long list of accomplishments.

  • Donated tens of thousands of dollars to local families here in the Fenton area.
  • “Adopted” 6-8 children annually to buy gifts for during Christmas.
  • Hosted multiple food giveaway events in which families in need can grocery shop for FREE at our fire station.
  • Teamed up with Fenton Methodist Church every Thanksgiving to donate food baskets to needy families in our area.
  • Helped support many families that have been struck by a recent tragedy.
  • Supported Delivering Hope’s food drive and fill the book bag school supply drive.
  • Hosted multiple car seat safety checks.
  • Given out FREE smoke and CO detectors.
  • Helped sponsor many attendees visiting Great Lakes Burn Camp.
  • Helped many fellow Michigan firefighters who have become ill or injured.
  • Supported Salvation Army’s “Fill the Truck” and Kettle Bell events.

Special Circumstances Create Special Needs

An individual with a compelling story and a special need recently came to the attention of the Fenton Firefighters Charities. A young man by the name of Jason Ziola is just an average guy working hard to support his family. In addition to his full-time job, Jason is a single father to four children ages 11, 9, 5, and 2. That in itself sounds like a more than a handful for one person. Then life throws Jason an unexpected curve.

The truck Jason relied upon to transport his family and drive to work, broke down. The cost to repair the vehicle was more than it’s value. Unable to replace the truck immediately, Jason lost his job. That is a lot to process for a guy with four hungry mouths to feed.

When the Fenton Firefighters Charities heard about Jason’s run of bad luck they immediately went to work to see if they might assist. Charity President Dustin Lucius and Vice-President Matt Everhard began to make some inquiries.

Local Business Help

Lasco Ford has been a charity sponsor since its inception. General Sales Manager Pat Klein took on the project to find a vehicle suitable for Jason’s circumstances. Klein found a 2010 Edge that would provide enough room for Jason’s family and the dependability to provide reliable transportation. But, the wholesale price of the vehicle was more than the charity had budgeted for the project and it needed some reconditioning repairs, like new tires, to make it 100%.

Pat Klein met with the Lasco’s to discuss the financial aspect of the transaction. According to Lasco Ford Vice President Jay Lasco, “We were happy to assist the Fenton Firefighters Charities with a significant donation to make this worthy project happen for Jason and his young family. We support the efforts of the charity to give back to those that need a helping hand in our community. We also want to recognize Pat’s efforts on behalf of our dealership to find the right vehicle for Jason that will provide him with years of usage he can depend on.”

Fenton Firefighters Charities Vice President Matt Everhard and Fire Chief Bob Cairnduff present a check to Lasco Ford General Sales Manager Pat Klein to purchase a Vehicle on behalf of the Charity

Fenton Fireman Nick Schulz found a contributor to assist with tires and performed some basic maintenance at his local repair shop to get Jason off on the right foot with his new vehicle. The project came together Monday, November 4th at Lasco Ford where the title was signed over to Jason and he was presented the keys to his new family vehicle.

Jason Ziola signs the paperwork to receive the title to his new family vehicle. Lasco Ford Finance Manager Michael McDonald assists with registering the vehicle in Jason’s name.

Jason expressed his sincere thanks to the Fenton Firefighters Charities, “This support for my family from the firefighters, I can’t thank them enough for lending us a helping hand. They are great people and we will be forever thankful for their assistance.”

Jason receives the keys to his Ford Edge from the Fenton Firefighters Charities. L to R Bob Cairnduff-Fenton Fire Chief, Matt Everhard-Fenton Firefighters Charities Vice President, Pat Klein-Lasco Ford General Sales Manager, Jason Ziola and his youngest daughter, Dustin Lucius-Fenton Firefighters Charities President.

How You Can Help Out the Fenton Firefighters Charities

Each year the Fenton Firefighters Charities holds a charity golf tournament at the Preserve golf course to raise funds for their community assistance work. In addition, donations are warmly welcomed from those in the community who want to give back or help out with the charitable needs these first responders reach out to help. Visit the Donations Page on the Charities website.

Firechief and charity board member Bob Cairnduff echoed the efforts of Fenton’s first responders, “These guys work hard at serving the community when called upon, but their charitable efforts speak equally as well about the type of individuals they are.” We all need good neighbors like that!