Igloo Dining at the Fenton Fire Hall, Hot Food and Cool Views

Fenton, MI — November 21, 2019

Have you ever been inside an igloo? Don’t you wonder how blocks of ice can keep you warm and protect you from the elements? It’s said that temperatures inside an igloo can differ by 60 degrees from the outside. But, it’s all relative. If it’s 40º below zero outside and 20º inside, it could be a lifesaver. Thankfully we don’t have to deal with such temperature extremes in Michigan. However, it does get cold.

How about if you could sit comfortably inside a clear igloo-shaped dome during a cold night and watch it snow or enjoy the beauty of a winter streetscape while sipping your favorite beverage or enjoying a delicious meal.

Cold outside, but warm inside at the Fenton Fire Hall’s Igloos

That’s the idea behind the Fenton Fire Hall’s outdoors winter dining experience. The heated huts provide all the comfort of sitting in the dining room, but all the fun of eating outdoors. Awesome Mac & Cheese, Pulled Pork, Wood Fire Grilled specialties, dozens of Beers on Tap, and Warm Your Insides Cocktails. Are you catching the vision?

Cool Views, Hot Treat, The Fenton Fire Hall

Located at 201 S Leroy Street in Downtown Fenton, the Fenton Fire Hall is a unique dining experience made even more special with outdoor party igloos. Why not give them a try tonight.

The Fenton Fire Hall Restaurant with their unique Igloo Party Huts