Michigan Man Photographs Odd White Tail Buck

Fenton, MI — November 14, 2019

Walking in the woods of Michigan offers some beautiful sights. The wildlife, ground cover, trees, and leaves all paint a beautiful picture through the various seasons. Photographer Steve Lindberg captured a sight very few people have ever encountered. While walking through the forests of the Upper Peninsula, Steve snapped this remarkable photo.

Photo Credit: Steve Lindberg / https://www.facebook.com/steve.lindberg.94

After staring at the picture for some time you might conclude it is just a Photoshop addition of the third antler, albeit a realistic-looking modification. Just to debunk such an assumption, Lindberg took a second photograph of the deer clearly showing the bud on the top of its head from which the appendage grew.

Photo Credit: Steve Lindberg / https://www.facebook.com/steve.lindberg.94

Lindberg used to be an avid hunter, now he hunts for pictures with his camera. Thanks for capturing this one-of-a-kind animal snapshot and allowing us to view it. Truly a fabulous piece of photographic artwork.