New Business Alert: Fenton Doggy Daycare to Open in December

Fenton, MI — November 20, 2019

Franchised businesses are recognizing Fenton as a growing successful community. More new stores and restaurants open in our area every year. Fenton is also a great market for local business owners who recognize a need and develop a product or service to fill it.

Meet Carol Smith, entrepreneur, businesswoman, and owner of Fenton Doggy Daycare. Carol owns German Shepards and would occasionally use the Paw Palace to board her beloved pets. “When the Paw Palace closed I was at a loss for a pet hotel when we would go out of town. After talking to a number of other pet owners, I learned that they felt the same way.”

Recognizing that need had left a real hole in the community, Carol decided to step up and take charge of a solution. Buying some of the Paw Palace’s usable assets, Carol is opening Fenton Doggy Daycare next month. “The reception has been tremendous, local pet owners are anxious to again have a place to board and care for their animal family members,” she said.

Fenton Doggy Daycare

Carol and her husband Vaughn are 23-year residents of Fenton. This is Carol’s first business venture and she is proud to open a women’s owned business in the community. One of her first decisions was to hire Stephanie Stone, the former manager at the Paw Palace. “Stephanie has a great knowledge of the dog care business, she is well-liked by her former customers and will be a key asset in growing the company,” said Carol.

The new Fenton Doggy Daycare location at 1085 Grant Street, in Fenton, has 30,000 square feet of space. While the initial focus is to provide the best place to house your pet for a visit, Carol plans to expand the business with additional services. In addition to boarding, she envisions having a veterinarian on staff, offer a grooming service, provide rehab services, dog training and to open a retail outlet.

Fenton Doggy Daycare

Carol also says it’s important to give back to the community. “We will work closely with Adopt-a-Pet, assist in worthy fundraising activities and give non-profits support whenever possible, including holding events at the facility.

Sounds like a solid business plan. We look forward to following the successes of Fenton Doggy Daycare. Carol indicated she would likely wait until spring to host a grand opening and we are on the invitation list. Can’t Wait!