The Fenton Roundabout, Let’s Go Around Again

Fenton, MI — November 27, 2019

It has been almost three weeks since the new roundabout opened in Fenton at the intersection of North and Torrey Roads. Fortunately, no accidents have occurred. But, that does not mean there have not been some interesting interpretations of how to navigate the traffic circle.

Going Around Again, Again, Again, Again, Again, and Again

Last Saturday a woman made 6 laps around the tight circle. No, she was not practicing her stock car racing skills. Police say she was intoxicated and they arrested her for operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. The security cam at the gas station caught the incident on video. She enters from the east, makes some uneasy laps and exits back the way she entered. The video is courtesy of Smitty’s Exit 80 Sunoco.

Cautious, Wait, Go For It

In another video from Smitty’s, posted on Facebook by Kayla Padgett, a car approaches from the north. The driver appears unsure of how to proceed or maybe is just being overly cautious. Finally, when it looks clear, the vehicle charges forward, up onto the curb, and takes a shortcut through the center of the circle.

Fenton’s Finest S1 Ep1 Roundabout 1Driver 0

Posted by Kayla Padgett on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Remember, traffic in the roundabout travels counterclockwise, and when entering the circle you must yield to vehicles already in the circle.


Here are some of the comments from The Lasco Press Facebook page after posting our article on the roundabout opening.

  • Donna R. – Didn’t take much time to watch people drive around it the wrong way.
  • Jenny C. – Thank GOD. Getting to any business on Reid Road was a nightmare.
  • Janine W. – I grew up in Fenton and I don’t think they needed a roundabout. I see accidents in the future.
  • Vicki M. – Really would have preferred a traffic light. During construction, they had installed a very bright light that illuminated the area, especially the corner of North and Torrey Roads. It wasn’t lit last night. Darkness made it dangerous to navigate.
  • Terry L. – It is a very welcome addition to that intersection. Now, if we can just get Fenton drivers to understand how a roundabout works.
  • Ben C. – Get the body shop ready!
  • Peggy D. – I hate them. Truly think they save no time and less safe than a stop sign. Have seen people turn left entering. Perhaps as more are installed people will become more accustomed.
  • Deborah L.V- Lordy about time..gone through so much gas to get to where I needed to go.
  • David. – Looks real nice with the extra expensive stamp concrete it didn’t need.
  • Ken M. – Now if only these people can drive through it correctly.
  • Shannon S. – I have to admit I love it and Thank God it’s open.
  • Annette S. – People: How much faith do you have in the human race? I always look both ways at a roundabout.
  • Scott S. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  • Jerimiah W. – Amazing, now Silver Lake and 23 North exit, worst intersection in Genesee.
  • Wendy B. – Can’t wait for your follow up article that isn’t a teardown of the area. I was there for 4 hours today and believe it or not, traffic flowed great. So grab your lawn chair and a blanket for an up-close and personal look. Let me know when you’ll be there – I’ll even bring you a coffee in case you’re cold. (We think it’s great too, Wendy.)
  • Barry W. – Now if you can’t decide on whether to stop at the party store, gas station or Beale street you can just keep driving in circles until you decide. (Already been done Barry)
  • Sara B. – Honestly, hate it. They are stupid. Just stop at a four-way and wait your turn.
  • Maria K. – I hate roundabouts! I can’t wait to see the drunks leaving the bar on the corner. (Already been done Maria)
  • Dave F. – Can’t wait to get a rebate check from the city and state from all the money it saved!
  • Carol S. – I hate them too.

It looks like a mixed bag, some love, some hate, and some interesting suggestions. We suggest, slow down, stay safe, and keep the rubber side down. See ya around town.