Classmate Learns of School Lunch Debt & Holds Sale to Pay Off Balance

California — December 17, 2019

Stories like this seem to pop up around Christmas time every year. Whether it’s the spirit of the holiday season or we are just more mindful of such heartwarming events that they capture our attention more easily.

Fox affiliate KSWB in San Deigo, California is reporting a story of a 5-year old kindergartner that overheard a couple of mothers talking about not having enough money to pay off the school lunch debt of their children.

This conversation prompted young Katelynn Hardee to ask her Mom if she could do something to help her classmates. Katelynn set up a stand in her front yard and began selling Christmas cookies and hot chocolate in an effort to cover the shortfall.

Photo Credit / KSWB-TV

The money earned was donated to the lunch program at her school. Katelynn’s efforts covered the negative balance of 123 students. Watch Katelynn’s interview with the reporter that helped break this wonderful story.

What a great kid. Thanks, Katelynn. Hopefully, your thoughtfulness inspires others to act in kind. Not just this holiday season, but whenever we see a worthy need.