Fenton’s Thompson Road Regional Dog Park Brings Community Together

Thompson Road Regional Dog Park, Fenton, MI — December 3, 2019

Last month the Thompson Road Regional Dog Park celebrated its 2nd anniversary. Their location at 1343 W Thompson Road in Fenton provides a convenient spot in the community for dog lovers to give their pets a recreation area designed specifically for dogs.

The Celebration Party Was a Big Success

Cars were lined up along the main road leading to the park! People were chasing their dogs to the taco truck ready to celebrate Thompson Roads Birthday Party.

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Officer Matthews from the Argentine Police Department was out front with his beautiful German Shepherd K-9, Trinity, greeting visitors as they arrived.

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It didn’t stop there! Uncle Ray’s Dairy pitched in to bake doggy treats! The snacks looked so good they could have been mistaken for human muffins!

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From Humble Beginnings

Keri Kostich, a member of the Dog Park Committee, said “It took us almost three years to
raise the money for the fences, so that we could have an off-leash dog park.” Fenton Township owns the property and dedicated two acres to the host the park. The committee is formed by residents of the three local municipalities, the City of Fenton, Fenton Township, and the City of Linden.

Keri, who is a Fenton resident and a dog owner joined the committee because she
thought having a dog park in Fenton would be convenient for the surrounding residents with dogs as pets. She said, “When you come out here and see the dogs and people interacting, it makes me feel good to be a part of something that brings the community together.” Some residents who do not have fenced-in yards or a place to walk and exercise their dogs can benefit from this facility.

The park is nicely sized to allow the dog’s room to run and enjoy the outdoors. It contains a spread-out obstacle course designed for the dogs. Keri says, “The agility equipment was built by a local Eagle Scout, Sam Levi, who raised the money for the material and built them, then brought volunteers to place the equipment in the park as his Eagle Project.”

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Non-Profit Partnership

Concept Hope was represented in a booth onsite during the celebration. They are a 501(c)3 organization that focuses on educating the public about orphaned animals. They also provide free or discounted obedience classes to promote the retention of homes for adopted animals.

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Dog owners and their furry companions were enjoying the weather and company while
the dogs socialized and chased each other around the park. Keri’s hope for bringing community closer was achieved through the dog park as dogs of all sizes ran off-leash together.

If you would like to donate to a worthy cause, volunteer or help to sponsor Concept Hope or the Thompson Road Regional Dog Park, please click the resources below: