Local Charity Supplies Christmas Trees for Those Who Go Without

Fenton, MI — December 19, 2019

Christmas should be a time to gather the family together and celebrate the spirit of the season. Unfortunately, some people face the holidays alone and in difficult circumstances. Hospitals do not go empty because a certain date on the calendar arrives. Shelters provide a warm respite from the cold weather, but little in the way of amenities. Senior care centers are filled with many individuals that have no loved ones coming to visit to provide some much needed holiday cheer.


Photo Courtesy of treesgiving.org

In the mind of a seven-year-old boy, sad situations like those there should never exist.

“My son had a little mini blue Christmas tree on his dresser in his room. It only had lights on it and he wanted ornaments. My husband took him to the store and they picked some out. After we finished decorating, we discussed being thankful. We spoke about how he was fortunate to have his own mini tree because many children do not. This made my son sad. He asked if there was was a way to provide other/all kids with trees. In the moment I told him it was a very nice genuine thought but no. The next day, I thought, I can make that happen for him, and Treesgiving was formed.” – Andrea, Founder of Treesgiving

Formed just this year, Treesgiving is a 501(c)(3) charity with a purposeful agenda. The organization’s website https://treesgiving.org/ describes its mission to the community.

“Treesgiving was created with the purpose of sprucing up the holidays for children and families in the local and surrounding communities. We would like the opportunity to assist those who are in unexpected situations and need some holiday cheer. Whether in the hospital, shelter, or struggling to keep it going during the holiday, Treesgiving is here to let you know, WE CARE. Let us spruce up a tree for you, your child(ren), family, neighbor, or entire community. Treesgiving has a vision of being able to supply all the local Children’s Hospital rooms with a tree for the holiday year 2022 and beyond.”

Photo Courtesy of treesgiving.org

Trees are purchased from local retailers, ornaments and decorations are often donated. Volunteers do the work of assembly and the mini-trees are hand-delivered.

From Humble Beginnings

So far this year 130 of these symbols of the holiday have been distributed in the Waterford area. Andrea and her son dropped off a number of the trees to the Canterbury-on-the-Lake Retirement Community.

Photo Courtesy of treesgiving.org

“Words cannot describe the incredible joy experienced in the giving and receiving of these simple gifts. Tears were shed, hugs exchanged, and laughter shared by everyone involved.” Andrea went on to say donations are still coming in and the group will continue to distribute more trees this holiday season.

Helping the Trees to Grow

To reach its goals, Treesgiving needs your help. If you have questions or wish to volunteer contact Andrea by email at Treesgiving@gmail.com or you can donate directly on their website. https://treesgiving.org/