Waterford’s Pho Pot Restaurant Celebrates with Chamber Ribbon Cutting

Waterford, MI — December 18, 2019

Readers tell us that new restaurant posts are their favorite stories. Everyone eats out, at least occasionally, and trying a new place makes the event fun and exciting. Have you ever sampled Vietnamese cuisine? The Pho Pot in the Waterfall Plaza, on Dixie Highway, is the place you want to go and enjoy some new tastes.

Located at 5673 Dixie Highway Waterford, just a little south of Anderson Road in Waterford. The Pho Pot is easily accessible from anywhere in the area. The recipes served are traditional Vietnamese dishes prepared in the manner learned in the owner’s native land.


The Pho Pot Story

Phuc Le, the owner of the Pho Pot, relates how her families’ story started when they escaped Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam conflict.

“Using a homemade boat, the family made it to China. In 1983 we came to America by way of Kansas City. Circumstances took us to Louisiana, Hawaii and, ultimately, Michigan, where we were given the opportunity to own our own business through hard work and persistence. We are appreciative and grateful for everything we have, including the wonderful community we live in. A special thanks go to the Veterans of this country because, without them, we would never be able to tell our story.”

The Pho Pot / Lasco Press Photo

Ribbon Cutting

A full contingent of Waterford Area Chamber of Commerce representatives turned out for the Ribbon Cutting. Along with community members, guests and family to celebrate the occasion. The entire staff of Pho Pot joined with owners Phuc Le and Trang Truong to cut the red ribbon and welcome the new eatery to town.

Pho Pot Ribbon Cutting / Lasco Press Photo

The Food

What everyone wants to know is, how was the food? The Pho Pot Website describes its menu as “made with fresh ingredients to create a light, tasty fare that is different from other Asian cuisines. Their dishes are a balance of flavors which include: Sweet, Spicy, Bitter, Salty and Sour.” Simply put the samples we tried were delicious. My favorite, the pork eggrolls were just as advertised, light, not greasy and tasty. Topped off with a flavorful sweet sauce.

A number of items on the Pho Pot Menu make your mouth water in anticipation.


It’s a short drive to Dixie Highway in Waterford and well worth the trip to try a new type of Oriental cuisine.