Fenton Doggy Daycare Now Open to Four Legged Guests

Fenton, MI — January 24, 2020

The first thing you notice when walking into the guest quarters at Fenton Doggy Daycare is how sparkling clean the place is. “We mop the floors three times a day.” Said owner Carol Smith. “It’s part of our commitment to our animal residents and their owners.”

Fenton Doggy Daycare Play Area / Lasco Press Photo

That’s a lot of mopping, the dog recreation areas are huge. Everything is laid out in a highly organized manner with professionally installed fencing separating the locally-themed exercise compounds. This is not your average dog kennel.

Lasco Press Photo

Carol’s vision of a Doggy Hotel is realized in the floor plan design. The individual rooms where residents stay are located at the rear of the facility. Currently, 54 units are available, 14 are designed for double occupancy for brothers and sisters. There is plenty of space for additional expansion. Visitors come daily while their parents are at work and some are housed for extended stays when their family is out of town.

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The guests have exercise and playtime where they socialize with friends of the same size and temperament. They can hop up on a couch or chair and cuddle with exercise coaches. Every action is cataloged and documented right down to the last time nature called.

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Plenty of room to run, jump, and have fun ensures they don’t get bored. Daily nap time gives everyone a chance to rest and recharge.

Stephanie Stone shares treats with guests / Lasco Press Photo

You would not be mistaken to categorize Fenton Doggy Daycare as a day at the Spa for your pet. Carol says they are close to completing their grooming center, services will be available to guests and those just stopping by for a visit. Special doggie treats by Addison are another upscale feature of the Daycare. You can take some home from the Doggy Boutique opposite the check-in desk in the lobby.

Homemade Doggie Treats by Addison / Lasco Press Photo

Manager Stephanie Stone has years of animal care experience and is well known to Fenton area residents for her previous work in the industry. Her office sits above the 30,000 square foot hotel with a view of everything going on at the floor level. Don’t tell the dogs, but the cats get to hang out with Stephanie so they can help her keep on eye out for mischief below.

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“We want to get the word out about the unique atmosphere we have to offer pet owners and their furry family members.” Carol has taken dog care to a new level. If your pooch is used to being pampered, they can stay in the VIP suites with comfortable furniture, individual climate control, and even television to keep them entertained.

The Holly Hotel VIP Suite / Lasco Press Photo

If you have a pet, you really should stop and take a tour of Fenton Doggy Daycare. The experience will convince you that it could be like a second home to your dog or cat. Fenton Doggy Daycare is located at 1085 Grant Street, in Fenton. You can visit their website at https://www.fentondoggy.com/ and on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FentonDoggyDaycare/

Stefanie (far right) and her staff are ready to meet and greet your pet / Lasco Press Photo

If you don’t find the answer to your questions online, call Stephanie at (810) 208-7858 and talk about your pet’s needs. Make an appointment to visit with your pet. We are pretty sure you will be impressed.