Ford Teases 2020 Bronco Again with Prototype Footage


First off, let’s be clear, this is not what the new Bronco is going to look like.  This is a prototype or “MULE” Bronco.  Engineers makeshift bodies to hide the upcoming design from the public and competitors.

While enthusiastic customers await the return of the upcoming Ford Bronco 4×4, engineers are hard at work ensuring it is ready to take on the wild. In the high desert of California, Ford experts are busy testing and proving out the all-new Bronco’s powertrain and rugged chassis, which is based on the company’s fully boxed, body-on-frame global T6 architecture, in an experimental prototype vehicle.

In the Mojave Desert’s Johnson Valley, home to such punishing motorsports series as King of the Hammers, the Bronco prototype is being pushed to its limits off-road in grueling conditions crawling up rocks and racing across sand.

2020 Ford Bronco Prototype (No this is not what it is going to look like)

Bronco was built exactly for this.

The all-new sixth generation of America’s original “sports utility vehicle,” makes its world premiere this spring.