Michigan Rated The Best Place to Travel Outdoors


Fenton, MI — January 9, 2020

Those of us who live in Michigan know about the awesome adventures our State offers to outdoor buffs. Sightseeing, travel destinations, skiing, hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. We have an abundance of venues to accommodate those activities and much more to offer those looking to escape the couch and television habit.

Lighthouse along Lake Michigan / Lasco Press Photo

Now, thanks to some positive publicity online, more people are learning about “The Great Lakes’ State.” the website Trip Savvy recently posted an article; “Where to Go in 2020: The Best Places to Travel this Year.” Michigan is listed as the Best (Destination) for Outdoor Enthusiasts. The writer of the commentary, Emily Hines, boasts; “With more than 19 million acres of forest and 3,000 miles of shoreline, Michigan is an underappreciated outdoor playground.”

Hines goes on to comment about the places we know and love. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Lake Michigan, Mackinac Bridge, and Mackinac Island, Tahquamenon Falls, Pictured Rocks, and more. Personally, I think Michigan is thought of as a place to visit primarily in the summer. Full-time residents know better. Just a note to those who live in Florida and the Southwest. You can always put more clothes on to stay warm, but you can never take enough clothes off to stay cool.

Sleeping Bear Dunes / Lasco Press Photo

Winter in Michigan is awesome, you can ski, ice skate, play pond hockey, ride a sled or toboggan down a hill. Ride in an open horse sleigh with the bells jingling, build a snowman, try snowshoeing and ride a snowmobile. Winter sightseeing, wow. The lakes are beautiful in the summer, but even more majestic when frozen into ice palaces. Lighthouses, waterfalls, seashores, bridges, and piers all take on an otherworldly appearance covered in ice cycles and frozen spray.

Michigan offers a distinct change in season as her appearance is molded by spring. While not as spectacular as the fall leaves, trees budding in spring fill the forests with color. Holland, on the west side of the state, becomes a Mecca for flower lovers. The tulip displays rival those of their European namesake.

Summer, aaaah. Free air conditioning outdoors, all of the recreation options without the humidity and sweat of scorching heat. If you only visit Michigan during this time of the year you are truly missing so much.

Lake Michigan along the dunes / Lasco Press Photo

Fall in Michigan, an outdoorsman paradise. The forests explode with color as the leaves change. Apple cider, pumpkins, holiday festivals, Big-10 football. Some of the best deer hunting in the U.S. exists in the woods and pastures of The Wolverine State. Be sure your camera is at the ready where ever you travel in the “Mitten” or “U.P.”

Michigan’s Fall Colors / Lasco Press Photo

Maybe we should be selfish, keep quiet, and enjoy all Michigan has to offer just amongst ourselves? Nah, swing the doors open on Interstate-75, come one, come all. Just remember to bring your pocketbook and sprinkle a little green along your journey through our State. We’ll all need more warm clothes again next year.