Ponemah Lakeside Lodge Hosts Pond Hockey Tournament

Ponemah Lakeside Lodge, Fenton, MI — February 22, 2020

Pond hockey is a Michigan tradition, played on bodies of water small and large all over the State. Pickup games often involve families, friends, and neighbors. When there is a tournament announced those groups of hockey enthusiasts band together to form a team and take on all comers.

Pond Hockey on Lake Ponemah / Lasco Press Photo

This weekend, that is what’s happening on Lake Ponemah behind the Lakeside Lodge. The Coors Light Time to Chill Pond Hockey Tournament is today and tomorrow. If you have never seen pond hockey it’s a cool sport. Teams generally consist of up to six or more players, they skate four-on-four with no goalies. The goal is a wooden box 72″ wide, the size of a regulation net. But, only six inches tall, the center is blocked by the wooden goalie leaving two 12″ openings on either side of the goalie to put the puck in.

A scramble in front of the goal / Lasco Press Photo

Scoring is usually from close in for accuracy, no slap shots in pond hockey. There is also no checking and stick handling is at a premium. Speed and skating skills are a big advantage. Snow barriers surround the oval rink which is about 3/4 the size of a regulation surface. A lack of snow is an issue as pucks will often slide off the playing surface and roll around the pond. A big bucket of pucks keeps the game flowing. It’s fun to watch, it’s even more fun if you know some of the players.

Lasco Press Photo

When the match is over, its a short walk to the Ponemah Lakeside Lodge for a hot coffee or a belly-warming beverage. The tournament continues on Sunday, February 23rd if you want to take in a game or two. Combine the visit with a fine meal from the Lodge for a fun day on the lake.

The Ponemah Lakeside Lodge / Lasco Press Photo

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