Fenton Community Garage Workout Provides Free Online Fitness Sessions

Fenton, MI — March 24, 2020

With the closing of gyms across Michigan many people lost an important social connection. As well as the physical and health benefits of working out to stay in shape. We have reported on the Crossfit community many times and the unique way they interact with each other. The support center of the Crossfit gym is equal in importance as the impact of the workouts on member’s health.

Our current state of social distancing has forced workouts out of the gym and into homes. Without following a prescribed routine, the effectiveness of trying to maintain regular exercise can become a chore. Here is some encouraging news.

Fitter Together and Crossfit Fenton are presenting online workouts you can tune into and participate in via live streaming. Because Crossfit is such a unique method of fitness it does not take a lot of equipment to hold effective exercise sessions by concentrating on body movements.

This is a unique opportunity to experience some of the elements of Crossfit and the type of coaching that the sport is noted for. Maybe you have been curious about this growing fitness phenomenon but were hesitant to try it in front of a group of people. Here is your chance to dip your toe in and learn what all the buzz is about.

The Workout

Participants join the workout via the “Zoom” app, it is available from Google Play for Android users and the App Store for Apple users. A Windows PC can display the workout on a computer screen via https://zoom.us/

April Lauren, the owner of Fitter Together, and Jamie Lasco, the owner of CrossFit Fenton, host the sessions. They begin with a basic warm-up to stretch the muscles and limber up the joints. No gym equipment is required, the workout uses items commonly found around the home. A sack of potatoes, a bag of dog food, a loaded backpack, almost anything can add weight for the exercises that benefit from extra resistance.

Home workouts are for any fitness level, beginners can pace themselves at a rate they are comfortable with. Men and women are invited to join in. Regular gym attendees will find the full session provides a cardio workout comparable to a regular gym visit.

A cool-down at the end allows participants to relax with some tension relieving stretches and to chat or ask questions. The software allows users to participate fully with open audio and video. If you want to keep your device private you can mute your microphone and shutter your video camera. A typical session involves a wide range of participants and interacting with April and Jamie allows them to provide the encouragement and positive reinforcement that Crossfit is noted for.

Free Workouts, what have you got to lose, except a few pounds and inches. Join Fenton Community Garage Workout online every Tuesday and Thursday. The Lasco Press will update the login information for each session. Bookmark this page and the session info will appear at the bottom of the article. Have fun!

Join Fenton Community Garage Workout’s Zoom Meeting

This Thursday, March 26 at 10:00 am, connect with this link

If you receive an error go to “join a meeting” in the app and manually type in

Meeting ID: 327 373 703