Ford Motor Company Steps In to Assist Coronavirus Fight


Dearborn, MI — March 25, 2020

Ford Motor Company has answered America’s call through two World Wars and whenever the need arose for production assistance during a national crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has idled much of the countries’ commerce and shut down automobile manufacturing.

In an effort to assist the medical community as they fight against the Coronavirus, Ford is again bringing their resources into the battle. Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. explained, to viewers of the Today Show, how the company is converting plants and resources to manufacture needed medical supplies.

Part of the production is a joint effort, GE is providing assistance in making ventilators and 3M is working with Ford in producing air-purifying respirators. Ford is using in-house production capabilities to make face shields and their 3D-printers are churning out masks.
“We’re going as fast as we can” during the coronavirus outbreak, Ford says. 
Speed has always been a driving force at Ford Motor Company, in this case it is essential. Thank you, Mr. Ford