Local Radio Controlled Racing Facility Feeds Fun and Competition

Grand Blanc, MI — March 13, 2020

It’s difficult being a sports fan with no sports to fuel that competitive desire. NO NASCAR! Where are we going to get that racing fix? The world has not come to a complete stop, every Friday night races are held right here in Grand Blanc. Young and old alike, rookies and experts can get the thrill and fun of racing cars and trucks. Rain, snow, frigid cold, no problem; the track is indoors.

Addictive MotorSports R/C Raceway / Lasco Press Photo

This is radio-controlled(RC) car and truck racing, on a dirt course set in a warehouse, with a layout designed to allow novices and seasoned-veterans to experience the thrill of racing. This is not an RC toy car that you bought at your local department store. It is all the fun of competition with a race car that can be set-up for track conditions similar to Joey Logano’s Ford Mustang being tuned to run at Watkins Glen International.

AMS R/C Raceway and Hobby Shop 

Mike and Nichole Sontag started Addictive MotorSports R/C Raceway & Hobby Shop to give their family and friends a place to pursue a fun and wholesome hobby.

Mike Sontag owner of Addictive MotorSports R/C Raceway & Hobby Shop / Lasco Press Photo

The concept has returned dividends that the Sontag’s have poured back into the business. AMS boasts the Largest Indoor Track in Michigan – 110′ X 73′, the hard-packed clay/dirt surface is fast and well-groomed.

Lasco Press Photo

The Sontag family has excelled in the sport. Mike and Nichole’s son, Michael “Tater” Sontag, is a three-time national champion. RC racing is a real-life video game.

Tater Sontag / Lasco Press Photo

The AMS Hobby Shop sells everything you need to go racing. From cars and trucks, chassis equipment, batteries, transponders, motors, and control units.

Addictive MotorSports R/C Hobby Shop / Lasco Press Photo

The Cars

The first thing you notice watching these speedsters flying around the AMS track is how durable they are. A barrel-roll across the clay is no problem. If the car lands on its wheels, it keeps going. Even if it lands on its side, a quick hit on the accelerator will often pop it back in racing form. Track stewards help those who land on their roof get back to rubber side down.

Lasco Press Photo
Lasco Press Photo

The technical aspect of these race cars rivals that of their full-size cousins. You can choose from an assortment of tires, tread design and sizes. Shocks and springs are fully customizable, suspension setups are custom aligned to track conditions. Camber, caster, tow-in/out, four-wheel independent suspension, varying spring weight it’s all there.

Batteries recharge in minutes, not hours. Transponders record race data that is broadcast on monitors and results are printed. Controllers provide instantaneous responses from the on-board receivers. RPM’s are incredible and the speeds produced amaze first-time viewers. Vehicle designs are simple to complex and many carry business names on the panels.

Lasco Press Photo

The pits are a busy place as drivers, mechanics, and team members work on their vehicles. AMS Raceway offers private pit suites where teams can work on their cars without the prying eyes of competitors.

The AMS Raceway Pit Room / Lasco Press Photo

Drivers walk upstairs to an elevated viewing area where they have a complete track view to control their machines. The track announcer is adjacent to the driver’s platform where race information is broadcast to competitors.

Elevated driver’s control platform / Lasco Press Photo

Adults and youngsters find the activity exhilarating. Serious racers to newcomers just learning, there are divisions for every level of competition. Sound like fun? Addictive MotorSports R/C Raceway & Hobby Shop is located at 6434 Dort Highway, Suite 11. Close to the Dort Road entrance of the Walmart complex. The building sits back off the highway, drive to the right rear corner to find the AMS Raceway entrance. Hours are:

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday: Open practice 5 pm to 9 pm
Thursday: Open practice 5 pm to 9 pm
Friday: Open at 4 pm, Racing at 7 pm
Saturday: Open practice, Noon to 5 pm
Sunday: Open Practice Noon to 5 pm

Stop in just to watch the excitement, check out the scene, talk to Mike or Nichole, they would be happy to answer your questions and help you get started in this fun activity. Their Facebook page lists event schedules. Contact info: phone 248.830.0046 and email amscustom@yahoo.com