EXPUTT Putting Simulator: How to Setup, Review, & Discount Code


Watch as we show you how to setup the EXPUTT Putting Simulator in just minutes and do a quick review of how to use the indoor putting simulator along with some really useful tips and tricks.

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We have found ourselves taking the EXPUTT Putting Simulator all over to different rooms in our house but also over to friends houses and even giving them away as gifts. So, I wanted to show you how easy it is to setup in up in just minutes and start using it so quickly. Thanks for watching as always!

About the EXPUTT Putting Simulator #exputt #putting #simulator #review Visit the Golf Simulator Videos website: https://golfsimulatorvideos.com/ Bring the green to life, right in your living room. Perfect your putting with Exputt, The highly accurate training game that simulates real courses, weather, and green speeds


Exputt allows you to practice on a wide variety of different slopes and green speeds, simulating the experience you’d get on a real golf course.


It wouldn’t be fun if it’s complicated. From the installation to play, we did hard job to make your experience as easy as possible, so there wouldn’t be a big learning curve.


Exputt doesn’t simply estimate the ball’s speed and direction—it precisely measures them based on a comparative analysis from an ultra high-speed camera in real time. Innovative On the every stroke, Exputt’s groundbreaking technology precisely analyzes your ball and putter’s movements, so you can keep your stroke consistent leveraging the analysis. Practice distance control with varied distance modes Various greens and slopes make you feel like in the real green Play your game in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter modes Enjoy tour-level green speed and conditions Simply connect the Exputt camera to your TV Putting mat is only 40″x12″ small and is easy to store The low elastic stopper brings the ball back to you and cancels noises for putts upto 20 yrds Use your putter like a mouse on the mat and use remote control for more features Practice green. You are able to practice your sense of distance on a smooth, flat green. You are able to select three practice greens which have no slopes. In the case of target distance, this can also be selected through 3 distance modes – Fixed, Random, Increase.

exputt putting simulator

You will be able to find out information on the speed, path and impact angle of the putter, as well as the speed and direction of the ball. You can refer to these to improve consistency of your putting stroke. You can choose one of the four 9-hole courses and practice putting towards a hole. In this mode, you are able to practice and refine your sense of distance as well as practice putting in a sloped green. Read the slope of the green using the movement of water drops moving through the grid.

Comparing your target line and what the program recommends is also a good practice. A maximum of four people can play a putting game through game mode. The player name is automatically set to Player1, Player2, Player3 and Player4. You can select one of the 4 9-hole courses, and game proceeds in stroke play. Player1 starts putting and when Player1 gets a concede/hole-in, Player2 will start putting for the next.

Thank you for watching this comprehensive review of the Exputt Golf Putting Simulator. Please be sure to use the link in in the comments above along with my Exputt Discount Code to get the best price when purchasing the simulator. As always feel free to email me with any questions at a98cr125@gmail.com

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