Nutrition Packed Meals from Fuel Up Fresh

Fenton, MI — April 29, 2020

Are you tired of cooking, tired of eating the same fast food, tired of take-out you have to bring home and reheat? Keep reading, we have a good news flash for you. Fuel Up Fresh is Fenton’s original “meal prep service” and something you might want to try.

Given the current circumstances with the coronavirus pandemic, maintaining good physical health is a priority. But, the rules of how we go about doing that have changed. So much of the process falls directly on our individual shoulders. Much of our support system has been suspended. One of the most important aspects of good health is eating healthy. For this, you do have an active partner!

“Fuel Up Fresh is a weekly meal service providing fresh, high-quality macro meals at your absolute convenience. Let us help you stay on track with your nutrition, enhance your performance, or simply spend less time in the kitchen, and more time doing what you enjoy!”

Would you like to have your food professionally prepared in advance, so all you have to do is heat it and eat it? Always Fresh-Never Frozen. Perfectly sized portions, nutritious and delicious. Then check out the Fuel Up Fresh website.

Here is How it Works

Each Monday by noon a new menu is posted on the Fuel Up Fresh site under the menu tab. Pictures, meal descriptions, and nutritional information are listed for each weekly featured item. You have until Friday night at 9:00 pm to make your selections. Orders are processed online using the order tab.

Fuel Up Fresh owner Kali Trombley and her staff prepare the meals at the Flint Farmer’s Market commercial kitchen. Kali’s husband Justin, head chef at the Corner Bar in Fenton, helps out. They have a weekly scheduled time for the exclusive use of the facility to assure the purity and safety of their meal prep process.

Fuel Meal Packages can be picked up at the following locations. No contact protocols are used to assure your convenience and safety. Bringing a cooler to keep your order cold and fresh is an important reminder.

  1. Sunday 6:00pm @ CrossFit Fenton [CURBSIDE]
  2. Monday 1:00pm @ Flint Farmers Market [CURBSIDE]
  4. Monday 6:00pm @ Cav Core Fitness [TENTATIVELY CLOSED DUE TO COVID MANDATION]

Try Nutrition Packed Meals, Made Fresh Each Week

According to Kali, “Our Goal is to Aid in Keeping Our Community Healthy, Happy, and Thriving.” If your goal is to eat better, improve your overall health, and stay safe during this stressful time, giving Fuel Up Fresh a try might be an important first step.