What Are You Doing During the Virus Lockdown


Fenton, MI — April 2, 2020

Most people have some extra time on their hands during the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order. How are they spending those bonus hours? We have heard a lot of suggestions. Working on the house, grooming the yard, cleaning the garage, catching up on projects that there never seemed to be enough time to complete. That is all well and good, but how about having fun.

Those self-entertaining things we love to do but never can fit them into the normal workweek. Now is the time to read that book that’s been gathering dust or take a leisurely back roads drive? How about dusting off the old guitar and work on those cords. That’s exactly what Todd Wilson did, and it sounds pretty good.

You say “that guy looks familiar.” If you take off the cowboy hat and put on a Ford baseball cap you might recognize him. Todd is that guy driving the big Lasco Ford Parts Truck stopping at body shops, repair facilities, and dealerships delivering OEM Ford Parts.

Yeah, that’s where I have seen that guy. Lasco Auto Group is still selling parts during the COVID-19 crisis, but to avoid person to person contact everything is shipped directly to the buyer. So Todd is working on his hobby, staying in and staying safe. Delivering tunes instead of parts. Here is another video featuring his silver voice and easy pick’in style.

Well Todd, with The Lasco Press huge online audience you could get discovered. Better yet, start your own label, “Virus Records” sounds right!

Got a story, video, or pictures of what you have going on during the coronavirus quarantine, send them to us. news@thelascopress.com