Katie the Cookie Lady, Magnificent

Grand Blanc, MI — July 21, 2020

Baking a sugar cookie is a pretty simple procedure, you can even go to the grocery store and buy a pre-mixed batch that you just cut out and pop in the oven. Baking a sugar cookie that sends a message, looks fabulous, and tastes even better than it looks is a true art form.

Meet Katie the Cookie Lady

Katie Carter owns and operates a home-based bakery out of her residence in downtown Grand Blanc, MI. The name of her business is, of course, Katie the Cookie Lady. Self-taught with a passion for sugar cookies, Katie turned a hobby into a business. In January of 2019, she accepted her first custom cookie order. You have got to see what she has done with her business since.

A Chance Encounter

Alexandria(Alex) is the Warranty Administrator at Lasco Ford, she won a dozen cookies in a Mother’s Day promotion from Katie the Cookie Lady. She was so impressed with the quality, appearance, and taste of the sugary treats she put Katie to the test and ordered some custom-designed cookies she could take to work and share. They were a tremendous hit.

Alex’s Order from Katie the Cookie Lady

Not only is Katie a baker, but she is also an artist. How do you do that with icing? Katie shared a secret, she uses edible markers to sketch out some of her designs and then fills them in with the sweet, colorful topping.

Katie’s Talents

As a young girl, Katie loved arts and crafts. She won several school competitions with her artistic talents. While her love of art has been a motivator in advancing her business, Katie says it still takes lots of practice to achieve the results she presents to her clients.

Katie is a stay-at-home mom, her business recently went on a short sabbatical as she and her husband welcomed their third child. With a 5-year old, 2-year old, and recent addition now 5 months, that’s a busy household.

Restarting her business during the pandemic was a concern. But, according to Katie, the orders have been flooding in. Look at some samples of her work.

Visit Katie’s Instagram page to see dozens more of her amazing cookie samples. You provide the inspiration and Katie will produce the decoration.

Contact Katie the Cookie Lady

Website: https://www.katiethecookieladygb.com/

Email:  https://www.katiethecookieladygb.com/contact-us

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/katiethecookielady/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/KatieTheCookieLady/

Order online and pick up your treats locally in Grand Blanc.