Great News Fenton Foodies, Local Dining Space Expanding

Fenton, MI — August 14, 2020

Fenton residents have kept many local eateries busy through the current health crisis with takeout orders. Being able to enjoy the foods we love through a host of restrictions has offered some solace during these difficult times.

Let’s be honest, we would all rather sit down at a restaurant table and enjoy our favorite meals served fresh and hot. Still, many residents are hesitant to spend an hour or two in a confined public space. Restaurants and their employees are losing revenue with the 50% capacity requirement in effect. Some of the more popular eating spots are losing diners because lines form for the limited number of tables.

Great News for Downtown Fenton Restaurants and Guests 

Looking for a solution to these issues, the Fenton City Council approved a plan to open city streets on Thursdays and Fridays to allow restaurants to expand their seating into open-air spaces. Kudos to local leaders for looking for ways to help area businesses and at the same time keep Downtown Fenton alive and active. One of the things we love about our community.

The Fenton Fire Hall Restaurant in downtown

The atmosphere and the view will be great to visit as restaurants can expand 25 feet onto the sideway and streets

The increase in visitors is sure to benefit non-restaurant businesses downtown with the increased foot traffic past their storefronts. Including the Fenton Farmer’s Market that visits downtown on Thursday evenings.

Fenton Farmer’s Market / Lasco Press Photo

The new resolution takes effect on Thursday, August 20th from 4:00 to 9:00 pm. No end date has been announced, the weather will dictate availability to a certain extent. The area is bordered by Shiawassee Avenue to Caroline Street and LeRoy to Adelaide streets.

See ya downtown, way to go Fenton.