YouTube Bodybuilder Puts Crossfit to the Test

Fenton, MI — September 25, 2020

The Lasco Press has featured the local CrossFit community at CrossFit Fenton on several occasions. We have reported on the CrossFit Games, the tight social aspect of the gym, and the incredible dedication of the athletes that devote themselves to becoming as fit as they can be.

We learned that workouts are tailored to individual participants, that a beginner can achieve goals, find success, and receive support just like the elite athletes that push themselves to the highest levels of fitness. CrossFit can add to the training of youngsters participating in other competitive sports. And how taxing it can be to strive for continuous improvement in total body workouts.

So, when we ran across an article about a noted bodybuilder giving a full 10 round CrossFit workout session a try, it piqued our interest.

Jesse James West

YouTube star Jesse James West is a 20-year-old fitness guru and a former Division 1 and 3 lacrosse athlete. Lacrosse is a grueling sport that is like a combination of football, hockey, and soccer. One look at Jesse and you can tell he’s in incredible shape.

Bodybuilder Jesse James West

In a recent YouTube video, Jesse goes with his friend, Mason, to participate in a CrossFit workout. The event was chronicled in Men’s Health by author Emily Shiffer. Here is the article, reprinted in its entirety, and a portion of Jesse’s video.

Watch This Bodybuilder Try CrossFit for the First Time
This 10 rounds for time session proved to be a little too much.


Bodybuilder and fitness YouTuber Jesse James West loves to take on workout challenges. He once attempted Mark Walhberg’s notoriously rigorous diet and workout schedule. While he’s down for a new workout, he’s never done CrossFit. But in his latest YouTube video, he’s trying it for the first time.

“The goal is to puke—that’s how you know you got a good workout,” says West, somewhat jokingly. This is not how you should gauge a training session, just to be clear, so that type of outlook doesn’t bode well for the CrossFit challenge

He heads to his local CrossFit gym with his buddy Mason to do a grueling workout. The session is going to be 10 rounds for time.

The Workout

10 burpee box jumps
15 wall balls
7 deadlifts
30 double unders or 60 singles with the jump rope.

But first, a warmup. The guys run through:

0.5 mile air bike
15 pushups
30 squats

“These suck,” says West as he goes for the wall balls during Round 3.

By Round 6, the fatigue has kicked in, and West is reprimanded for not doing “full movements” by the coach.

By Round 8, he’s struggling with the box jumps, but presses on. Finally, he hits 10 rounds, and he’s done.

“That was brutal,” West concludes. “CrossFit is absolutely no joke. I’m a bodybuilder who used to play D1 lacrosse, and this is absolutely so difficult. So shout out to all the CrossFitters out there. I might have to pick this up and do a little bit more of it. I need some improvement… my soul has been taken from me. I’m dead.”

The Video

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