Fall Colors are Here, Enjoy the Scenic Ride

Fenton, MI — October 13, 2020

For many people, autumn is their favorite season of the year. Nature crafts an everchanging colorful portrait that is stunning. Our area is quickly transitioning to the apex of the color display. Depending on your location, it’s possible to open a lawn chair, sit down, and enjoy the spectacle from your porch. It is so overwhelming when driving through the countryside that it becomes somewhat commonplace. For the next couple of weeks, might we suggest, let’s slow down and enjoy the ride.

People from other parts of this beautiful land drive great distances to view the spectacle Michigan has to offer. Here are some suggestions we, as residents, can employ to make the most of our State’s beauty.

Lasco Press Photo

Make Your Commute Relaxing

Leave a few minutes early and take a different commute to work. Drive the back roads to get there, go a little out of your way see a new landscape. Relax before jumping into the day’s tasks. Go outside to eat lunch instead of chowing down in the lunchroom. Note how on the trip home the leaves’ appearance changes with the sun at a different angle.

Lasco Press Photo

Make Errands a Trip Through an Art Gallery

We often hurry about to complete tasks that we are required to perform. Use that time to envision the passing scenery framed as art. Whether it’s a single tree afire with red and orange hues, or a cluster of multi-colored branches intermingled with the contrast of evergreens and limbs just beginning to turn to their fall coat.

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Capture the Moment

Take an off day and postpone the common chores for a few hours. Take a drive down some country lanes and capture the moment on film.

Lasco Press Photo

Preserve the view to share with others or invoke a memory prompted by the picture. The scene will never again appear as it does at that moment.

Enjoy our community and our state this year in a new way. Share your spectacular photos shot from your perspective with us at news@thelascopress.com and we will expand your audience. Most of all stay safe, don’t let the scenery overwhelm your awareness of things around you.