LAFF Pathways Cuts Ribbon on Opening of Phase One

Linden, MI — October 14, 2020

LAFF Pathways reached a significant milestone yesterday with the opening of Pase One of the non-motorized trail that will connect the communities of  Linden, Argentine Township, Fenton Township, and Fenton. It has been a long journey since 2009 when the pathways initiative began to explore the possibility of grants available through the State of Michigan.

Many area residents may have assumed the project ended with the defeat of the proposed tax milage in 2019. On the contrary, the LAFF Board of Directors refocused their efforts and moved forward.

Phase One Ribbon Cutting

Ed Koledo, LAFF Board Chairman and Executive Director of Southern Lakes Parks & Recreation (SLPR) / Lasco Press Photo

Ed Koledo, LAFF Board Chairman and Executive Director of Southern Lakes Parks & Recreation (SLPR) acted as the master of ceremonies at the ribbon-cutting. The event was held adjacent to the Pathway on the Linden Schools Campus. Koledo related how after the milage was voted down the Board queried voters. What they found was the communities were supportive of the pathways but did not wish to fund it via taxes.


Phil Hagerman, The Hagerman Foundation / Lasco Press Photo

Board members worked to gain State and Federal Grants, fundraising events helped to match funds committed, and a generous donation from the HagermanFoundation helped to push the project forward. The ribbon-cutting ceremony featured board members and local executives who contributed to the project.



Kelsey Maser, local resident / Lasco Press Photo

In an interesting aside Kelsey Maser, a resident whose family lives on the Pathway, was invited to speak. Maser commented on how helpful everyone associated with the project was. The willingness to take phone calls, address concerns, and work with area residents was remarkable. Maser was also supportive of the Pathway providing safe access to the Linden campus. She even went so far as to say a group of saxophone players treated them to a passing concert on their way to school, “the group could benefit from the added practice time.”

Work Continues

The ribbon-cutting signified the opening of Phase One, and Phase Two is currently underway. Fundraising continues and if you would like to support LAFF Pathways you can do so virtually through LAFFAPALOOZA currently in progress.

Lasco Press Photo

The LAFFAPALOOZA 2020 will run from Monday, October 5 till Sunday, November 8. Everyone is encouraged to use the pathway during this time for their favorite activity whether it is walking, running, wheeling, biking, or strolling with the family dog. This is a family-friendly event in which everyone is encouraged to put on their LAFF shirt and most comfortable shoes and start moving on the path. Participation will help to build Phase 2 of the pathway which will link the cities of Linden, through Fenton Township, and Fenton along Silver Lake Rd.

The route begins at Lobdell Rd. at the entrance to the Linden School Campus and connects with Silver Lake Rd east through Fenton Township to the City of Linden to the Linden County Park Trail on Linden Rd and ends at the soccer fields.

LAFF Pathway leading from Linden Schools campus / Lasco Press Photo

There will be Saturday Clinics/Demonstration for Racewalking, Yoga, Bike Maintenance, Running 101, and Juggling with Heather. Registration is $25 and each registrant will receive a cool and comfortable tech shirt with a new logo created just for this event.

If you enjoy these types of activities get behind this project and support a great addition to your community. The Lasco Press will continue to update events associated with LAFF Pathways.