Hey Foodies, Give the New Detroit Wing Company a Try

Detroit Wing Company, Grand Blanc, MI — November 9, 2020

Chicken wings are a commonplace item on the menus of casual eateries. But, true wing aficionados will tell you if you want something above the norm go to a restaurant that specializes in the adornment of America’s favorite way to eat chicken.

So when the Detroit Wing Company opened a new location in Grand Blanc, it caught our attention. Owner Pam Mlynarek has been in the restaurant business for 30-years (she must have started as a pre-teen) and has enlisted the help of her husband, Adam, to get their new project up and running. Open now for two weeks, the business is setting new records daily. And it’s easy to understand why.

Pam and Adam Mlynarck / Lasco Press Photo

Wings, yes! Buffalo wings, yes! Boneless wings and chicken tenders, yes! Barb-B-Que sauces, yes! And cornbread, oh yeah! The menu is exciting, a large collection of sauces and rubs give several fresh flavors a seat at the table.

“Sweet Heat”, honey glazed with a kick that hits just as you think “this isn’t that hot.”

“Habanero Ranch”, a dry rub with cool ranch and hot habanero, a tasty combo.

“Honey BBQ”, flavorful sweet BBQ that’s a kiddie favorite and an adult palate pleaser.

These were three flavors we tried, all were outstanding. Adam said they make multiple batches of the sauces daily. Yes, you read that right, they make the sauces fresh daily in their kitchen. “Garlic Parmesan is the #1 seller at our location,” Adam noted.

DWC Temperature Chart / Lasco Press Photo

Not Just Wings

At most wing places it’s the wings that are the main attraction, as it should be. Wings and fries the standard staple order.

Detroit Wing Company has fries, do they ever. Order your fried potatoes conventional or choose from DWC Fries, French fries topped with your choice of wing sauce, melted cheddar cheese, and your choice of ranch or bleu cheese dressing. Or go real Detroit style with the DWC Poutine, french fries topped with rich homemade beef gravy & fresh white cheddar cheese curds.

The DWC Mac & Cheese is worthy of devotion from kids and adults. Creamy cheesy with a buttery panko crust baked to the perfect crunch. Dill potato salad made with redskin potatoes, creamy coleslaw with just a touch of sweetness to cool your mouth between bites of hot wings. Homemade? Of Course. Cheesecake for dessert, take home a whole meal for the family. Don’t forget the cornbread.

DWC Menu Board / Lasco Press Photo

What You Need to Know

Grand Blanc’s Detroit Wing Company is located at 6331 S Saginaw Rd, Unit 5. Directly across the street from the Kohl’s/Staples Shopping Center, and the adjacent Walmart Supercenter.

Detroit Wing Company, Grand Blanc / Lasco Press Photo

Call 810.584.7632 for questions, order online from their menu page.

COVID Safe? Absolutely, their lobby is large enough to social distance. You can order in person and get a text in your vehicle when your wings are ready. Employees mask up and the counter surface is cleaned meticulously.

Fenton Foodies take note, Adam said locations in Fenton and other nearby towns are under serious consideration. Take the short drive to Grand Blanc and encourage Pam and Adam to expand our way.

Lasco Press Photo