Amateur Motocross is Big in Michigan, How Big, Read On

Mt. Pleasant, MI — January 31, 2021

Officially they are known as American Motorcyclist Association(AMA) District 14. They call themselves the “Michigan Mafia.” Not because they are criminal in nature, they prefer Webster’s alternate definition: “a group of people of similar interests or backgrounds prominent in a particular field or enterprise.”

If you are a casual motocross fan, you might not have even heard of District 14. Those who enjoy watching motorcycle racing likely know about AMA Supercross big stadium events. The huge jumps, occasional spills, and pyrotechnic displays thrill fans. If you are an avid follower of The Lasco Press, you have probably read our coverage of the AMA Amateur Nationals held annually at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.

What you might not know is that amateur motorcycle racing is one of the biggest organized sports in the country and internationally. Participants of all ages from 5 to 65 ride in local events, receive recognition, earn points, and are awarded championships by districts under the supervision of the AMA.

Weekly Events

District 14 is the largest district of the AMA amateur organizations. Over 2,400 riders compete in the motocross division alone. Each weekend from March to October, 80 events offer riders of different age groups the opportunity to participate. Just like the professionals, results are tabulated, points are recorded and the leader in each class is awarded the red plate to signify their position atop the standings.

The racing is supported by an all-volunteer organization. Kreg Bigelow is the president of the motocross division and also finds time to race in the 45+ and 50+ age classes. The prestigious State Championship Series is the recognition riders seek to excel in. Held over a 12 week period during the season, the championship is contended for in the age groups.  Events were held during the pandemic, social distancing is not a problem on the motocross track. Wearing a racing helmet is much better than just a facemask.

Two Fenton area businesses sponsored the 2020 State Championship. Lasco Ford and Mid Michigan Crushing & Recycling, LLC (MMCR), both companies are heavily involved in the sport. Even to the point of participating, Matt Lasco from Lasco Ford and Vaughn Smith from MMCR have contended in the series for years.


Bigelow won the Championships in both of the classes he races in during the 2020 season. This past weekend the annual banquet to honor riders was held at Soaring Eagle Resort. The youthful faces speak to the family aspect of the sport.

If this sounds like an activity you and your family would enjoy, join the Michigan Mafia online, no initiation required. Join AMA District 14, and get ready to have some fun this spring as racing resumes.

District 14 2020 Standings