Limitless Radio Controlled Fun Comes to Fenton


Fenton, MI — February 25, 2021

Radio-controlled vehicles are not new, but the latest technology available in these scale model hobby cars and trucks is simply amazing. The power and agility are only matched by the extent to which component parts can be customized to achieve performance characteristics the driver desires.

Photo Courtesy of Limitless R/C

The fast-growing fun of R/C now has a home in Fenton. What started as a boyhood hobby for young Scott Heemstra, turned into supplemental income buying and selling parts at race events. The sideline has now evolved into the family business that is expanding rapidly with the surge of interest the R/C hobby/sport has generated.

Fenton Location

Limitless R/C is located at 1440 Torrey Road, Suite D in Fenton. When you walk in the door it’s like entering a miniature automotive wonderland. Ready to race R/C vehicles, controllers, batteries, racing parts, and accessories. Everything you need to start your race team and take it to the next level.

Photo Courtesy of Limitless R/C

When Scott began his R/C experience as a 12-year old enthusiast, he did not have a mentor. He raced, he tinkered, and when his equipment broke he had to fix it. Scott’s passion is now growing in his three children. Cole, 20, runs the Limitless R/C shop, Tucker (14), and daughter Parker (12) race with the Limitless R/C race team that is making a name for itself on the local circuit.

Scott’s wife, Rebecca, maintains the inventory and manages the books. The business has one full-time employee besides family, Nick Monk, who loves helping customers and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of R/C products and services.

Full Spectrum Store

Limitless R/C is more than just a retail store, they are a Full Spectrum R/C facility. They will help you build and set up your dream R/C machine. Vehicle service, repairs, and upgrades are the heart of Limitless R/C attention to their customers.

Photo Courtesy of Limitless R/C

Most Friday nights you will find Team Limitless R/C at Addictive MotorSports R/C Raceway in Grand Blanc. They have their own Team room and offer customer assistance from there on race night.

Scott says plans are in place to add an outdoor track at their Fenton location in the near future. When asked why he gets so excited about R/C racing, Scott replied; “What other activity can you be involved in that would want to make your teenage kids enjoy spending weekend nights with their dad?

Certainly, entertainment options have been limited by the COVID virus. R/C racing provides a safe environment along with good clean family fun. Much better than some of the other options that can look appealing to young people with too much idle time on their hands.

Photo Courtesy of Limitless R/C

Scott invites you to drive over to Limitless R/C and check out what the excitement is all about. You can get started with a basic R/C vehicle kit in the $200 price range. From there the fun and possibilities are limitless.

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