It’s Pothole Season Here’s the Critical Information You Should Know

Fenton, MI — February 24, 2021

The ice and snow are beginning to melt, underneath lurks a danger that can be just as treacherous as driving on those slippery surfaces. Yes, it’s pothole season in Michigan. Whether it’s cement, asphalt, gravel, or dirt, the ravages of freezing weather, storms, and then the spring thaw plays havoc with any driving surface.

Those potholes that form are sometimes hard to see. They often hide under a puddle of water disguising their depth. The freeze and thaw pattern loosens more of the roadway growing the size of the hazard. Regardless of speed, a tire/wheel combination that drops down into a hole can be damaged. Steering and suspension components of your vehicle are also at risk of damage from contact with potholes.

We talked to Steve McGowen, Service Director for the Lasco Auto Group. McGowen was kind enough to share the critical vehicle parts that should be inspected for damage after impact like a pothole strike, sliding into a curb, or hitting ice chunks and frozen snow blocks.


The modern technology infused in vehicle tires is high tech and they are built to absorb the jolts associated with driving on uneven road surfaces. Of course, it is important that tires have sufficient tread to function as designed.

The danger of a severe rolling jolt occurs when the belts on the inside of the tire are damaged and shift out of position. A wobble at low speeds or vibration at highway speeds could indicate a potential tire problem.


Bent wheels occasionally occur with a forceful pothole or curb collision. The damage may result in a vibration. If the rim of the wheel is bent, loss of air pressure and tire damage can occur.

Not all bent wheels are obvious, the impact could have occurred on the side of the rim facing inward or caused the wheel to become oblong.

Another possible outcome is the loss of a wheel weight used to balance tire and wheel assemblies. Should a weight become dislodged a vibration, especially at higher speeds, may present itself.

Steering and Suspension Components

It takes a severe impact to bend a suspension or steering component. Still, it’s possible. It is more likely that after a pothole collision the vehicle’s alignment can be adversely affected.

When the steering and suspension are out of alignment the vehicle may exhibit a significant pull right or left. Alignment problems eat tire rubber quickly, compounding the danger and expense of the issue.

McGowen has invited our readers to visit one of the Lasco Auto Groups three service departments to save $30 on the price of a 4-wheel alignment. Regularly $129.95, mention The Lasco Press, and the price drops to $99.95 (specialty vehicles extra). Their factory-trained technicians will perform a thorough safety inspection and report on the condition of your vehicle.

An annual wheel alignment is a factory-recommended service for all vehicles driven in harsh weather conditions like those experienced in Michigan. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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